.STEP 文件扩展名


什么是 .STEP 文件?

.STEP 文件属于 Windows 11, 10、Windows 7、Windows 8 / 8.1、Windows Vista、Windows XP 等操作系统中使用的 3D Image Files 类别。

.STEP step
开发者: N/A
文件类型: STEP 3D Model
格式: N/A

.STEP 文件与 N/A 开发的 STEP 3D Model 关联,采用 N/A 格式,并属于 3D Image Files 类别。

.STEP (Standard for Exchange of Product model data) is a universal format for working with 3D models, which is used in computer-aided design systems. It describes the entire life cycle of a product, including manufacturing technology and product quality control. The .STEP file places a three-dimensional model, and this extension is necessary for interpreting and presenting industrial products.

More information

.STEP refers to the ISO standard interchange format and is considered as a universal format for many software systems in its environment. You can open a file of this format in Windows operating systems, as well as Mac OS and Linux. The Autodesk Fusion 360 utility is suitable for this. In some cases, you can open .STEP using Web resources or mobile devices. This format is often converted to .DWG.

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