.MOBI 文件扩展名


什么是 .MOBI 文件?

.MOBI 文件属于 Windows 11, 10、Windows 7、Windows 8 / 8.1、Windows Vista、Windows XP 等操作系统中使用的 eBook Files 类别。

.MOBI mobi
开发者: Amazon
文件类型: Mobipocket eBook
格式: Binary

.MOBI 文件与 Amazon 开发的 Mobipocket eBook 关联,采用 Binary 格式,并属于 eBook Files 类别。

A MOBI file is a digital ebook created in the Mobipocket format. This file format was developed by a French software company and was later acquired by Amazon.com. A MOBI file may include DRM protection, which prevents the eBook from being copied or printed. The file may include other features such as bookmarks, notes, and highlights.

MOBI files can be read on various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and e-readers. They can also be read on Amazon's Kindle devices and apps.

More information

Amazon's new Kindle Format 8 (KF8) is built on the MOBI standard and adds support for additional features such as fixed layouts, embedded fonts, and more. Amazon now owns the MOBI format, which many eBook formats use, including AZW, AZW1, and AZW3. These formats also include a DRM scheme that makes them proprietary to Amazon.

NOTE: Mobipocket eBooks also use the same extension as Kindle books.

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