System Files Extensions


Puppy Linux Save State File


TI-73 Explorer Operating System File


Puppy Linux Save State File


TI-83 and TI-84 Plus Operating System File


TI-84 Plus C Operating System File


Windows Animated Cursor


Group Policy Administrative Template File


Android Secure Application File


Audio Driver File


ACPI Machine Language File


Administrative Template File


Help Annotations


Router Firmware File


Bash Interactive Login Shell File


Bash History File


Bash Non-Interactive Login Shell File


Windows Boot Configuration Data File


CLFS Base Log File


Help Bookmarks




Binary Printer Description File


Windows Indexing Service File


Mac OS X Bill of Materials File


Windows Indexing Service Data File


Windows Cursor


Windows Control Panel Item


Windows Cabinet File


Windows Phone Display Settings File


Codepage Information File


Apple Configuration Profile


Syslinux COM32 Module


Windows Catalog File


ASUS BIOS Update File


Netgear Router Firmware File


Help Contents File


COM+ Catalog File


Linux Drivers Archive


Mac OS X Crash Log File


Windows Registry Hive File


Windows Memory Dump


Windows 8 Desktop Theme Pack File


Dynamic Link Library


Device Driver


Renamed DLL File


DCC Active Designer File


Troubleshooting Pack Cabinet File


Delta RPM File


Active Directory Information Tree File


DOS Device Driver


Desktop Shortcut


iOS DFU File


Windows Device Driver File


Troubleshooting Pack File


Troubleshooting Pack Configuration File


Enlightenment Theme File


Executable and Linkable Format File


Microsoft Event Trace Log File


Windows EBD System File


Windows Event Viewer Log File


EFI Image File


Extensible Firmware Interface File


Windows 7 Event Log File


ES Explorer Temporary File


Emerald Theme


Mac OS X Burn Folder


ReadyBoot Trace File


Firmware Over-the-Air File


Microsoft Find Fast Index


Lenovo BIOS Update File


Microsoft Catalog Indexing Service File


Full Text Group


Full Text Search


Find Fast Document Properties Cache


Find Fast Document List


Find Fast Status File


Puppy Linux Partition Flag File


Windows Contacts Group File


Windows Program Manager Group


WCS Gamut Map Model Profile


Windows Update Status File


Windows Help File


Mac OS X Help Book


Windows Assistance Platform Help File


Windows Registry Hive File


Hypertext Template File


Windows Heap Dump


HTML Help Index


HTML Help Table of Contents


Help Project File


Samsung Android Firmware File


Windows Catalog Search Index File


Icon File


Mac OS X Icon Resource File


Internet Naming Service File


Index File


IconPackager Theme File


Windows Driver Information Cache File


EVA Controller Event Log


iPhone IMG3 File


InfoTMIC Firmware Update File


File Description File


Windows Icon Library File


IMG4 Payload File


Windows Input Method Editor File


Apple Internet Connect Document


INTUS Firmware File


IconPackager Raw Theme File


Rockbox Firmware File


Internet Document Set




Windows Task Scheduler Job File


Windows Japanese Noise-Word List File


Security Key


Mac OS X Kernel Extension


Linux Kernel Module File


Keyboard Layout Script


Kickstart File


Windows Korean Noise-Words List File


Windows File Shortcut


GRUB Boot List File


Windows Registry Hive Log File


Windows Registry Hive Log 2 File


Mac OS X PLIST Lock File


Lookout Protocol Driver File


Samsung Phone params.lfs File


GRUB Module


Windows Installer Patch


Microsoft Language Interface Pack


Audio Player Firmware File


Apple Mobile Configuration File


MIUI Theme


Windows Vista Update Package


Master Boot Record File


Windows XP Style


Send To Mail Recipient


Windows Minidump


Windows Application Manifest File


Multilingual User Interface File


Microsoft Management Console Snap-in Control File


Parallels Desktop Memory Dump File


Send To My Documents


Device Boot Loader Image


Windows NT Startup File


Microsoft National Language Support File


System Information File


ROM Update Utility Image File


Apple Network Connect Document


NTFS Partition File


Optimized Dalvik Executable


Windows System File


Bash Shell Profile


Android Build Properties File


Microsoft Indexing Service Data File


Printer Driver File


PKCS #12 Certificate File


Post Programmable Memory File


System Center Configuration Manager Package File


DiskStation Manager Installation File


Apple Provision Profile


Precompiled INF File


Windows Port Driver


Mac OS X System Preference Pane


Windows Policy File


Windows Password List


Silkroad Online Game Data File


PostScript Printer Description File


Q Virtual Machine


Quirky Kernel


Registry File


Router Firmware File


Rockchip Firmware File


Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File


Windows Rating System File


PlayStation Portable Resource File


Samsung Mobile Device Firmware File


Samsung DVD and Blu-ray Player Firmware File


Windows System File


Custom Application Compatibility Database


Cisco IP Phone Firmware File


Windows Explorer Command


Swap File


Windows Screensaver


Windows Print Spool File


Windows Print Job Shadow File


Slax Bundle


Android System File


iPhone/iPod Touch SHSH Blob File


Service Quality Monitoring File


Mac OS X Screen Saver


Windows Screensaver File


Siemens Desktop Theme File


Spotlight Saved Search


Microsoft Plus! Desktop Theme


Windows Startup File


Drobo Firmware File


Windows Thai Noise-Words List File


Windows UCE System File


Virtual Device Driver


Generic CADD VGA Driver


VGA Display Driver


Compressed Virtual Device Driver File


Dashboard Widget


Windows Driver Foundation File


Phoenix BIOS File


Web Point and Print File


S60 Web Runtime Widget Package


Printer Description File


Windows Error Report


Xserve RAID Firmware Binary File


Windows Zone Identifier File