Settings Files Extensions


8start Launcher File


Adobe Color Separation Setup File


Adobe Swatch Exchange File


LaTeX Auxiliary File


BlackBerry Application Loader XML File


ClickOnce Deployment Manifest File


Adobe Acrobat Security Settings File


AVS Preset File


AutoCAD Profile


Aston 2 Theme File


Photoshop Curves File


Adobe Photoshop Color Book File


Adobe Illustrator Template


Adobe Illustrator Action File


AutoCAD Tool Catalog File


Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch File


Adobe Color Table File


Adobe Photoshop HSL File


Adobe Photoshop Levels File


Adobe Photoshop Extract File


Ae Timer Alarm Document


Photoshop Transfer Function File


Adobe Photoshop Selective Color File


Adobe Swatch Exchange File


Advanced Installer Project


Adobe Photoshop Custom Filter File


Authorware 7 Project


AutoCAD Work Space File


Alienware AlienFX Theme File


Advanced RAR Password Recovery Setup


Adobe Device Profile Package


After Effects Render Settings File


After Effects Output Module


Ableton Live Skin File


Adobe Color Separations Table


TS-AudioToMIDI Settings File


Photoshop Style


Adobe Monitor Setup file


eMule Metadata File


Adobe Halftone Screen File


Aston Compiled Theme


Photoshop Actions File


Java RMI Policy File


Personal AntiSpam Settings File


Adobe Photoshop Inks File


Authorware 7 Library


Authorware 7 Model


Advanced Installer Updates Configuration File


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Template


TurboZIP Auto Compress Script


AIMP Skin File


AIMP Skin File


Adobe Color Book Legacy File


Adobe Photoshop Curves Map File


Adobe Photoshop Duotone Options File


BlackBerry IT Policy File


ProjectWise User Settings File


NTBackup Settings File


Apache OpenOffice AutoText File


Adobe Photoshop Black and White Presets File


BitTorrent Search Engine File


Windows 7 Boot Updater Skin


BitPim Configuration File


BgInfo Configuration File


Business Contact Manager Customization


AIM Buddy List


BlackMagic Custom Palette


Valve Steam Archive


Batch Compiler Specification File


Painter Brush Variant File


InstallShield Boot File


BS Contact Parameter File


Configuration File


Canvas Custom Set File


Adobe Color Settings File


MySQL Configuration File


Adobe Captivate Preferences File


HP Systems Software Manager Information File


Windows Media Center Click-To-Record File


ESRI Code Page File


Windows Catalog File


AutoCAD Color-Based Plot Style File


Unix Configuration File


AutoCAD Custom User Interface File


Oracle ADF Binding Context File


AutoCAD Standards Check File


FMAT Assay File


Capture One Settings File


Capture One Style File


Capture One Preset File


CD Art Display Skin File


SPSS Analysis Plan File


Quest3D Channel Group File


Cab Provisioning Format File


SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Vault Export File


Windows Connection Manager Profile


Captivate Styles File


Captivate Theme File


WinFast PVR2 Channel List


Fusion Composition File


ControllerMate File


CorelDRAW Image Template


Photoshop Channel Mixture


Autodesk Custom Workspace File


CryptLoad Router Information File


ChordWizard Style


WCS Color Appearance Model Profile File


Cenon Project


Final Cut Pro Color Board Preset


Crick Software Options File


Clicker Object Palette File


Speedy Browser Colour Scheme File


Cable Modem Configuration File


Skype User Information File


Adobe DNG Camera Profile


Adobe InDesign Document Presets File


Dexpot Profile File


Diamond Directive File


AutoCAD Dialog Definition File


AutoCAD Drawing Set Description File


Dial Up Network File


Juice Grinder Defaults File


DesktopOK Icons Layout File


SSIS Package Configuration File


Xcode Color Theme File


Kingsoft Design Science Equation File


Cyberduck Bookmark


DVD Architect Project


DivX Player 2 Skin File


Mac OS X Folder Settings File


MSN Download Settings File


Cubase Drum Map File


eJuice Me Up Default Settings File


FoxPro Debugger Configuration


Visual C++ 6 Workspace File


KDE Folder View Properties File


Dolphin Folder View Settings File


DAZ Studio XML File


Siemens NX Drafting Standard File


Microsoft Dictionary Proofing File


DivX Temporary Video Info File


SonicWALL Preference File


HTTP Injector Config File


Microsoft Office Exported UI Customization File


Office 2007 Theme Effect File


Exe4j Configuration File


EndNote Style File


EndNote Connection File


MathType Preferences


Adobe Photoshop Exposure File


MathType Settings


Vue Environment File


Everlock Options File


Winamp Equalizer Preset File


Enterprise User Monitor Configuration File


Photoshop AME Preset File


EyeTV Schedule File


Example Configuration File


EyeTV Recording Metadata File


Office Theme File


EndNote Preferences File


Encrypt4all Theme File


Vue Filters File


FX Preset File


Fetch Mirror Document


Adobe InDesign Flattener Presets File


AutoCAD Font Map File


FacetWin Configuration File


Edgecam Feature Template


LaTeX Font Definition File


Finale Font Annotation File


FLAMES Environment Variable File


Frogans Player Network Certificate


Foobar2000 Theme File


After Effects Preset File


FoxPro Format File


Fusion Flow File


File Viewer Plus Batch Presets File


FirstClass Settings File


FL Studio State File


Forms Credential Collector File


ABBYY FineReader Document Options File


xScope Frames File


Transmit Favorites Data File


Mandelbrot Explorer Color Settings File


Zinf Theme File


FX Bank File


AutoCAD Field Catalog File


Adobe Illustrator Flattening Module


Ftpquota File


Mandelbrot Explorer Fractal Region Settings File


Lotus 1-2-3 Spreadsheet Format File


Global Mapper Workspace File


Photoshop Gradient File


Grand Theft Auto Text File


GTK+ Theme File


GEMS Engine Control Unit File


GenePix Settings File


GeoMedia GeoWorkspace File


GNOME Theme Package File


Growl Notification File


Windows Help Global Index File


GVim Runtime Configuration File


Microsoft Office SmartArt Color File


Microsoft Office SmartArt Styles File


OmniGraffle Diagram Style File


Windows Mobile Theme File


HyperTerminal Session File


Sony Ericsson Remote Settings File


Photoshop HDR Toning Preset File


Internal RoboHelp File


Zebra2 Preset


Windows Initialization File


Internet Settings File


Adobe InDesign Preflight Profile


Setup Information File


Citrix ICA File


ICC Profile


iCursor Effect File


Adobe Save For Web Settings


IconTweaker Theme File


Inno Setup Script


Install Creator Pro Project File


iPhone Carrier Bundle


Installable Client Driver File


InCopy Document Preset File


IK Multimedia Preset FIle


Image Color Matching Profile


IN-HEH Timeline Workspace


INTUS Keyboard File


IIS Internet Service Provider Settings


Outlook Internet Account File


Adobe Save For Web Settings File


Adobe InDesign Menu Set File


dtSearch Index File


Install Creator Project File


Quest3D Channel Group Layout File


MIDI Instrument Definition File


Static Default File


GTK+ Module File


Project64 Joystick File


Adobe Acrobat Job Definition File


Java Workspace Settings File


JAWS Key Map File


CryENGINE Facial Editor Joystick File


Keyboard Definition File


KD Player Skin File


KMPlayer Skin File


3ds Max Keyboard Shortcuts File


Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts File


Kingsoft Office Personalization File


Keyboard Layout


Logitech Video Effects File


Logitech Video Effects Avatar File


MAME Layout File


vanBacsco's Karaoke Player Skin File


Cinema 4D Layout File


SpeedGrade Look File


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Template


Capture One Lens Cast Correction File


MasterCook Layout File


Code::Blocks Workspace Layout File


Painter Lighting Presets Library


Alchemy Low Frequency Oscillator Presets File


Skype Language File


PCSX2 LilyPad Configuration File


Adobe InDesign Line Presets File


Cloaked Affiliate Link Builder Settings File


Photoshop Lightroom Smart Collection Settings File


Liquid XML Studio Project Options File


LCARS x32 Color Profile


Let's Go! Theme File


GTK+ Loaders File


Symbian Project Specification File


Painter Color Mixer Pad File


Windows Installer Setup Transform File


Stardock MyColors Theme File


Windows Media Center Link File


Managed Object Format File


AutoCAD Interface Layout File


AutoCAD Interface Settings File


SpeedGrade Color Mask File


ImageMagick Configuration File


TestComplete Project File


Motorola Theme File


Maxthon Skin File


MediaMonkey Skin File


MasterCook Look File


Miranda IM Skin File


Maxthon 2 Browser Skin File


MSN Mailhost Settings File


Host Blocking File


Windows Installer Merge Module


MediaMonkey Device Configuration File


Drush Makefile


Guitar Rig Preset


ArcGIS Explorer Configuration File


Natron Node Presets File


AppStudio Project


Nikon Vignette Correction File


Personal Communications Settings File


Dragon NaturallySpeaking User Archive


QuickBooks Network Data File


Nero Job Information File


Norton Internet Security Firewall Settings File


Natron Layout File


Camera Control Pro Custom Curves File


Kontakt Presets File


Lotus Notes Traveler Server Config File


Outlook RSS Subscription File


Search Connector Description File


OEM Setup File


Office Data Connection File


Microsoft Outlook Saved Search File


Microsoft OneNote Table of Contents File


Microsoft Office UI Customization File


Office Profile Settings File


Options File


OpenVPN Configuration File


Open Catalog Extension Connection File


OpenLP Theme File


Linux Configuration Options File


Openbox Theme File


Outlook Preferences File


SE-SOFT Configuration File


Symbian Package File


QuarkXPress Preferences File


Citrix Application Profile


Windows PowerShell Display Configuration File


AutoCAD Program Parameters File


Photoshop Proof Settings File


PSP Theme File


Java Properties File


PicoLog Settings File


Windows Media Profile File


Photoshop Preferences File


Mac OS X Property List File


AOL Phone Home Settings File


Paint Shop Pro Pen Preset File


PowerTeacher Gradebook Configuration File


PhotoWorks Appearance File


AutoCAD Plot Model Parameter File


AutoCAD Plotter Configuration File


Pro Tools I/O Settings File


Parameter File


Batch & Print Pro Printer Settings File


Property Description


GlovePIE Controller Script


Preferences File


Windows PowerShell Console File


Pyre Properties File


Kaspersky Parental Control Settings File


Pegasus Mail Configuration File


PhtotoBase Album File


Premiere Pro Effect Preset File


Visual Studio Project Property File


Pixelmator Brush File


TestComplete Project Suite File


ProPresenter 5 Template


Palo Alto Software Plan Component File


PhotoDirector Preset File


Office Personalized Settings File


Performance Monitor Counter File


Parallels Desktop Configuration File


ProfiMail Settings File


Qt Resource Collection File


QuickTime Preferences File


Qt Style Sheet


Microsoft Office Quick Access Toolbar File


Nokia Maps Version File


Quattro Pro QuickColumn Settings File


QlikView Theme File


Quick 3D Cover Design File


QlikView Extension Properties Page File


Valve Resource File


Remote Desktop Configuration File


Rainmeter Skin File


Registration Information File


Rosebud Profile


Resource Description Framework File


Visual Studio Resource Template


FTG Configuration File


3ds Max Render Preset Settings


Visual Studio Code Analysis Rule Set File


RobotWorks Parameters File


Java Application Settings File


RoboForm SearchCard File


Microsoft Resource Library


Citrix Rapid Application Delivery File


R Project


Real-DRAW Project File


SonicWALL VPN Configuration File


Rhapzod? Resource Repository


Xerox Rawster Document Object File


Royal TS Remote Connection File


RadLight Media Player Skin


Raskin Place Layout File


RealPlayer Visualization File


RapidWeaver Style File


Resource Monitor Configuration File


Radmin Phonebook File


RealPlayer Settings File


Red Dragon ISecure Settings File


Steinberg Resource File


Dreamweaver Site Settings File


AutoCAD Plot Style Table File


SketchUp Style


Aegisub Subtitle Styles File


Slingplayer Favorites File


YouTube Captions File


Visual Studio Settings File


Avant Browser Skin File


ASP.NET Skin File


Adobe Illustrator Tsume File


StarCraft 2 Map Localization File


Configuration Settings File


PROMT Translator Document


Strater Scheme File


Siemens Theme File


SPSS Production Job File


SPSS Chart Template


Squeeze Presets File


Samsung Theme File


IExpress Self Extraction Directive File


Outlook Send/Receive Settings File


Motorola Phone Skin File


Softwrap License File


Document Library Property Set File


Software License File


SPSS Table Template


Coda Style Sheet File


Mozilla User Profile Folder


Flash Local Shared Object File


SuperKaramba Theme


Windows Setup Information File


CuteFTP Search File


Office 2007 Theme File


Windows 7 Theme Pack


PASSOLO Translation List File


Comodo Theme File


SPSS Text Wizard Document


TicTacTi Advertisement Definition File


Turbo View & Convert Batch Presets File


Traktor Settings File


Microsoft Plus! Theme File


Pocket PC Skin


Title Definition Format File


Trillian Skin File


TagScanner Text Transform Script


TTWin Configuration File


Adobe Photoshop Tool Presets File


TwinCAT System Manager Configuration File


TestComplete Configuration File


TestComplete Project Suite Settings File


TextMate Theme File


ToolBook Translation System File


TypeIt4Me Clippings File


ThemePark Project File


SPSS TableLooks File


Terminal Settings File


LG TV Link-Loader File


Terragen World File


UIQ Theme Package


Universal Data Connection File


Norton AntiVirus User Profile File


EVGA Precision X Skin File


UC Browser Theme File


WindowBlinds User Interface Specification


Apophysis Ultra Fractal Gradient File


Visual Studio Project User Options File


MicroStation User Preferences File


FoxPro 2.x View Settings


VMware Configuration File


Oracle VM VirtualBox Settings File


Windows Virtual Machine Configuration File


Virtual Machine Shell Information File


Vim Runtime Configuration File


Norton Antivirus Preferences File


VLC Media Player Skin File


Visual Studio Settings File


Visual Studio Project Property File


Vim Settings File


V-Comp Setup File


VST Preset File


VMware Team Member File


Virtual CD Quick Copy File


Virtual CD Copy Template


VMware Team Data File


VMware Configuration File


VNC Configuration File


VMware Policy File


VirtualPhotographer Custom Settings


MAGIX Vegas Window Layout File


Visio Workspace File


eMbedded Visual C++ Workspace File


VirusBarrier X6 Settings File


VMware Configuration File


VMware Configuration File


Dell Webcam Central Application Configuration File


Translator's Workbench Project File


RemoteApp and Desktop Connections Configuration File


Windows Wireless Network Settings File


Adobe Bridge Workspace File


Chameleon Clock Wallpaper File


Weaving Interchange Format File


Valve Hammer Configuration File


WordPerfect Color Palette


Compressed Windows Media Player Skin


Windows Media Skin


Bibble Work Queue File


WinZip Configuration File


ConvertXtoDVD Project File


Winstep Xtreme Theme Pack

.xcu Configuration File


Xpadder Controller Profile


AutoCAD Exported Tool Palettes File


VMware Console Configuration File


Xbox 360 Binary User Interface File


Xbox 360 User Interface File


Excel Toolbars File


Music Studio Project


eManager Metered Units


Xcode Color Theme File


Xcode Scheme File


WebSphere Query Template


LcdStudio Playlist File


XML-Data Reduced File


XACT Global Settings File


eManager Auto-Update File


eManager Skins Definition


eManager File Packaging Information


eManager Process Definition


Crosstalk Communicator Keyboard Mapping File


XML4King Configuration File


Zero Administration Package File


OmniPage Zone Template File


Photoshop Zoomify Preset File


Form?Z Preferences File


PDF Converter Index File