Disk Image Files Extensions


Apple IIGS Disk Image


Generic CD Image


Amiga Disk File


AFF Disk Image Part File


Ashampoo Burning Studio Image


AFF Disk Image


Hyper-V SnapShot File


Compressed Amiga Disk File


AFF Metadata File


Binary Disc Image


Boot Information File


BlindWrite 6 Track Information File


BlindWrite 6 Disc Image


BlindWrite Sub Code File


BlindWrite Disk Information File


BlindWrite CD/DVD Disc Image


BlindWrite 4 Disk Image


MIDAS BDF Disk Image File


BlindWrite 5 Disc Track Information File


BlindWrite 5 Disk Image


WinImage Batch Configuration File


Cue Sheet File


DiscJuggler Disc Image


CloneCD Disc Image


Macintosh DVD/CD Master


Compact File Set Archive


Compressed ISO Disk Image


Easy CD Creator Disk Image


Compact ISO File


CD-Text File


CD-i OptImage


Easy CD Creator 5 Saved Project


Mac OS X Disk Image


Mac OS X Disk Image Part


Toast Document


Disk Copy Fast Disk Image File


CDBurnerXP Data Compilation File


DeepBurner Disc Project


Disk Masher Image


CloneCD DVD Information File


PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive


Commodore 64 Disk Image


PSP Compressed ISO Disc Image


Linux Virtual Hard Disk


Disk Image


ECM Disc Image


EnCase Evidence Image File


EnCase Image File


Ensoniq EPS Compacted Disk Image


Ensoniq SQ-80 Disk Image


Ensoniq ASR Disk Image


Ensoniq EPS Disk Image


Ensoniq KT Disk Image


Ensoniq VFX-SD Disk Image


Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image


Virtual CD Format


Floppy Disk Image


Amiga Disk Image


Parallels Desktop Floppy Disk Image File


IsoPuzzle Flag File


Ensoniq EPS Family Disk Image


Global Image


Prassi CD Image


gBurner Project File


Gizmo Virtual Drive File


Commodore 1541 Disk Image


HFS Disk Image


Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File


Hard Disk Image


Parallels Desktop Hard Disk File


HFS Disk Image File


Disc Image File


Disk Image


Disc Image Data File


Interchangeable Preservation File


ImgBurn Project File


Zipped ISO Disk Image


Ulead Disc Image format


DVD Shrink Part 3 File


DVD Shrink Part 2 File


IsoBuster Managed Image File


IsoBuster Managed Image Information File


DVD Shrink Part 1 File


Apple Disk Image


WinImage Compressed Disk Image


K3b Disk Burning Project File


Atari Lynx ROM


CDSpace Emulated Disk Image


EnCase Logical Evidence File


EnCase Logical Evidence File


Media Disc Image File


Extended Media Descriptor File


MobaLiveCD File


Macrium Reflect Disk Image


Mini Image Destination File


Media Descriptor File


Alcohol Disk Image Segment 2


GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image


Alcohol Disk Image Segment 1


Multi-Bootable Information File


Nero CD/DVD Image File


Nero ISO CD Compilation File


NTI CD-Maker Disc Image


Nero CD File List


Apple New Disk Image Format File


Dreambox Disc Image


Image File


Partition Image File


Parallels Virtual Machine


PGP Disk Image


Power2Go Disc Image


Power2Go Project File


InstantCopy Disc Image


PlexTools Disc Image


Partimage File


Toast CD Image


QEMU Copy On Write Disk Image


QEMU Copy On Write Version 2 Disk Image


PowerProducer Disc Image


Easy CD and DVD Creator 6 Project


RatDVD Disk Image


SafeHouse Private Storage Volume


Self-Mounting Disk Image


TotalRecovery Backup Image


CloneCD Subchannel File


Squash FS Bootable File


Atari ST Disk Image


Mac OS X Sparse Image


Mac OS X Sparse Bundle


Toast Disc Image


Brasero Table of Contents File


ZX Spectrum Tape Image File


Acronis True Image File


TrueCrypt Volume


Commodore 64 Tape Image File


Teledisk Archive


Track at Once CD/DVD Image


Commodore 64 Cassette Tape Image


Universal Image Format Disc Image


UltraISO Backup Disk Image


Universal Disk Format File


FreeBSD Unix File System File


Virtual CD


Virtual Machine Disk File


Virtual PC Virtual Hard Disk


VirtualBox Virtual Disk Image


Windows 8 Virtual Hard Drive File


Virtual Floppy Disk


Virtual Disc Definition File


Virtual CD Collection File


Norum Vapor CD


Virtual CD Disc Image


VMware Fusion Virtual Machine


CopyCatX Volume Archive


Virtual CD 8 Disc Image


Virtual CD 6 CD Image


WinMount Virtual Disk File


WinImage Compressed Disk Image Set


Windows Imaging Format File


Winclone Image


Compact ISO File


WinImage Disk Image List


Scrambled Wii Disc Image


XenServer Virtual Appliance File


GEAR CD/DVD Disc Image


GameJack Disc Image File


WinArchiver Extended Disc Image File


Commodore 64 Disk Image


Xbox Virtual Disk


Extended Media Disc Image