Developer Files Extensions


4th Dimension Database Structure File


Forth Language File


DOS Pipe File


ActionScript File


ActionScript Communication File


FlashDevelop ActionScript 3 Project File


Alpha Five Library Index File


RSLogix 5000 Program


Android Package Resource File


EditPlus Auto-Completion File


FlashDevelop ActionScript 2 Project File


Visual C++ Resource File


Assembly Language Source Code File


Visual Studio Add-in Definition File


ActionScript Byte Code File


Annotated XML Example File


MIT App Inventor Source Code File


DS Game Maker Action File


Asphyre Sphinx Archive File


Alpha Five Variable File


Windows 8 App Package


Windows 8 App Upload Package


Applix Builder File


AutoPlay Media Studio Project File


AnyLogic Project File


Adobe AIR Native Extension


ADT Android Developer Package


Arc Macro Language File


Artifacts Artifact File


RSView Development Project Archive


Static Library


AWK Script


AutoPlay Media Studio 6 Project


AutoPlay Media Studio 7 Project


AutoPlay Media Studio 4 Project File


AutoPlay Media Studio 5 Project File


MultiMedia Fusion Array File


AutoIt v3 Script


Ada Specification File


Asterisk Gateway Interface File


Ada Body File


Artifacts Project


Alpha Five Library Temporary Index File


Alpha Five Library


Apadana Project File


Alice World


Android Interface Definition Language File


Compiled AutoIt v3 Script


ActionScript Communication Server File


Asphyre Sphinx Archive File


Alpha Five Library


Alpha Five Library Temporary File


Windows 8 App Package Symbols File


Ada Source Code


OS X Application and System Extension File


Eclipse Java Applet Policy File


BBEdit Project Document


BASIC Source File


BBEdit Project File


BREW Application Resource File


Visual Studio Source Browser Information File


Borland Package Library


Twixl Publisher Builder Build Setting


Borland Project Group


BlueJ Package File


Borland Developer Studio Project


BETA Source File


Blitz Source Code File




BASIC Stamp 2 Code File


Borland C++ Makefile


BASIC Source Code File


Borland C++Builder Project File


Eclipse Build Path File


Binary Text Asset Data File


BaseX Data File


BeanShell Script


AutoPlay Media Studio Button File


BuRg3r Source Code File


Visual C# Source Code File


Java Class File


C/C++ Source Code File


C++ Source Code File


Captivate Source File


CryENGINE Character Definition File


Visual Studio C# Project


ContentServ Template


OCaml Library


CodeCharge Studio Page File


Program Class File


CryENGINE Character Animation File


Alpha Five Table Index File


Construct Compressed Project File


CVS Command File


ColdFusion Component File


C++ Source Code File


Adobe Code Snippet Document


BlueJ Context File


CX-Programmer Project File


CryENGINE Resource Compiler Settings File


Construct Project File


CakePHP Template


Coda Clips File


Code::Blocks Project File


CUDA Source Code File


Visual Basic Control Binary File


Visual C++ ClassWizard File


Cmdlet Definition XML File


Cach? Server Page


XNA Creators Club Game Package


Visual C# Script


Brew Component Application Resource File


ContentServ Include File


Construct Game Development File


Visual Basic UserControl Object File


COBOL Source Code File


COBOL Source Code File


C++ Source Code File


Compiled Source Code


Configuration File


CodeCharge Studio Project File


Visual Studio Class Diagram


Compressed Multimedia Fusion File


Visual Studio Binary Command Table Output File


Visual Studio Command Table Output File


CMake File


Visual Studio Command Table Configuration File


Cricket Audio XML Bank Description File


Dev-C++ Code Completion Cache


Document Type Definition File


Delphi Project


Dashcode Project


Delphi Compiled Package


Delphi Project


CryENGINE Animation Database File


Dalvik Executable File


Delphi Form


DarkBASIC Object


Visual Studio OR Design File


Visual Studio Database Project File


Visual Studio Directed Graph Document


Visual Shader Graph File


ER/Studio Data Model File


SQL Developer Data Modeler File


Patch File


Device Identification FIle


Dart Source Code File


DS Game Maker Project


Delphi Resource File


DarkBASIC Professional Project File


Delphi Component Resource File


Delphi .NET Compiled Unit File


Delphi Package


Declaration File


Omnis Native Datafile


Visual Basic UserDocument


Visual Basic Binary UserDocument


Delphi Compiled Unit


Module-Definition File


Delphi Package


Delphi Package Library


Visual C++ 6 Project


Borland Project Desktop File


D Source Code File


Delphi Compiled Resource File


Mach-O Dynamic Library


BlueJ Settings File


Alpha Five Data Dictionary Memo File


Alpha Five Data Dictionary Index File


Dev-C++ Project File


Delphi Diagram Portfolio File


Doxygen Document Set File


Xcode Developer Profile


Windows Dependency File


Ruby ERB Script


Symbols Export File


ADO.NET Entity Data Model Designer File


Erlang Source Code File


Euphoria Source code File


Adobe Extension Data Markup Language Document


Mac App Sandboxing Entitlements File


External Entity


Embedded SQL File


Euphoria Source Code


Emergence BASIC Source Code File


EasyC Project File


JSDAI Inclusion or Exclusion List


Emacs Compiled Lisp File


Adobe Extension Data Markup Language File


Emacs Lisp Code File


Adobe Flash Animation


FreeMarker Template File


Visual F# Project File


Visual F# Script File


Visual F# Source File


Visual Basic Text Form


Visual F# Script


Visual F# Signature File


Forth Language File


DataFlex Data File


FXML Source Code File


Compressed FinalBuilder 7 Project


FaceFX Language File


Fortran Source Code File


FX Composer Project File


Adobe Flash FXP Library


Mac OS X Application Framework


Visual Basic Binary Form File


Fortran Source Code


Alpha Five Table Memo File


FilePackager Configuration


Fortran 77 Source File


Fortran 90 Source Code File


wxFormBuilder Project


Fifth Generation Language Source File


FPS Creator Map File


SharePoint Feature File


Fortran 95 Source Code File


Form?Z Script


FinalBuilder 7 Project


Fortran Source Code


ForeUI Custom Element File


ForeUI Custom Library File


FreeForm-J Project File


Visual C++ Project Filters File


Fortran Source Code File


FiM++ Source Code File


Game Editor Project File


Greenfoot Archive


Game Maker Language File


Google Apps Script


Game Maker Project File


Delphi Project Group File


RubyGems Package


MULTI IDE Project File


GLScript Game Script


MPLAB C Compiler Linker Script File


Game Maker 8.1 Project File


Gameboy Tileset File


Generic Build Support Metadata File


GameMaker File


Git Attributes File


Precompiled Header File


GameSalad Marketplace Asset File


GameSalad Project File


Git Ignore File


GameSalad Windows Project File


Greenfoot Project Archive


Groovy Source Code File


Gem Specification File


GameStarter File


GNU Machine Object File


Game Maker Program Code


Gorm Interface Resource File


Game Maker 6 Project File


Go Source Code File


Groovy Source Code File


Gameboy Map File


GLBasic Project File


GridGain Archive


GLBasic Source File


Glade Project File


GDF Editor Project File


GNU Makefile


GameMonkey Script


Global Makefile


C/C++/Objective-C Header File


C++ Header File


HansaWorld Application Language File


C++ Source Code Header File


High Performance Fortran File


Handlebars Template


Haml Source Code File


Haskell Script


Haskell Script


C++ Header File


Handlebars Template


Power C Precompiled Header File


Erlang Header File


Hydra Image Filter Program File


Compact Ham Library


IntelliJ IDEA Module


InstallShield Project File


InstallShield Express Project File


InstallShield Professional Project File


Visual Studio Intermediate File


InstallShield Project Template File


Interface Definition Language File


C++ Inline File


Mac OS X Icon Set Folder


IWBasic Source Code File


Windows Installer Database Text Archive File


Intellisense Precompiled Header File


Incremental Linking File


Visual Studio Intermediate Debug File


Arduino Sketch File


Include File


IntelliJ IDEA Web Page


InstallShield Express 2 Project File


Inline Guard Macro File


Xilinx Device Configuration File


Java Source Code File


JBuilder Project


Java Server Page Fragment


Flash JavaScript File


JAWS Script


JCreator Project File


JBuilder Project


JTAG Indirect Configuration File


Java Process Definition


JNI Library


Java Source File


Java Source File


Xilinx JEDEC Programming File


ExtendScript Included Script File


JAWS Script Header File


Julia Source Code File


KDevelop Project Data File


Kids Programming Language File


Kivy Language File


KDevelop Project File


C++ Keyboard Script


Windows Crash Dump File


KDevelop Dialog Box File


Lua Source File


Literate Haskell Script


Microsoft Linker Response File


Lucid Snippet File


LiveCode Stack File


LithTech Binary File


Visual Studio LightSwitch Project


Lisp Source Code File


Lex Source File


Liquid XML Studio Project File


Visual Studio Licensed Classes File


Localized Project Folder


VAX Program Listing


PC-lint/FlexeLint Configuration File


Omnis Library


Literate Haskell Script


Compiled Lua Source File


Dreamweaver Library Item


Binutils LD Linker Script


Visual Studio License File


Logo Instructions File


JAR Index File


Lisp Program Source Code File


LOLCODE Source Code FIle


Photoshop Lightroom Database


MATLAB Source Code File


Microsoft Help Container File


Markdown Documentation File


Fortran Module File


Markdown Documentation File


Objective-C++ Source File


MaxScript Page File


Multimedia Fusion Development File


ML Source Code File


Managed Object Model


Flex MXML Component


MivaScript File


MagicDraw Project Archive


Mapping Specification Language File


Visual FoxPro Library


Microsoft Help Asset File


Microsoft Help Index File


MQL5 Source Code File


CodeWarrior Project


Stimulsoft Report File


RSView Development Runtime File


Java Manifest File


Magik Source Code File




Microprocessor Software Specification File


RSView Development Project


Macro Processor Library


Machine Object File




Visual Studio Application XML File


FoxPro Generated Menu Program


Markdown File


Xcode Makefile Script


Xcode Project Data File


Xcode Project Data File


Interface Builder User Interface File


NSIS Script


NSIS Header File


Not Quite C Source Code File


Visual C++ IntelliSense Database


OMNeT++ Network Description File


Next Byte Codes Source Code File


NVIDIA Vertex Shader File


Node-Webkit App Package


NUKE Script


Neko Source Code File


NuGet Package


Delphi .NET Form File


NuGet Specification File


NetLogo Source File


Not eXactly C Source Code File


nsL Script


Nim Source Code File


ActiveX Control


Obix Source Code File


Xcode Objective-C Unit Test Bundle


Android Optimized Application File


Object Description Language File


OMake Object File


Compiled Object File


Custom Control Library Type File


OWL Source Code File


Oberon-2 Source Code File


ObjectScript Source File


Visual Studio Ordered Test File


Oxygene Project File


Free Pascal 1.0.x Object File


Python Script


Perl Script


Qt Project File


Delphi Unit Source File


Xcode Playground File


Xcode Project Data File


Protocol Buffer File


Xcode Project User Data File


Windows PowerShell Script Module File


Perl POD File


Pixel Bender Bytecode File


Precompiled Header File


xBase Program File


Perl Header File


Pawn Source Code File


Paw Document


Mobile Data Studio Project File


PL/I Source Code


Messenger Plus! Live Encrypted Log File


Pixel Bender Kernel File


Panda3D Multifile


Pixel Bender Graph File


Pro*C Source Code File


PL/I Source Code File


Pyrex Definition File


Qt Project Include File


Processing Development Environment Source Code File


Pyrex Source Code File


VB Project Information File


Xcode Auto-Complete File


Python Pickle File


Pika Software Builder Project File


Windows Installer Patch Creation Properties File


Python Dynamic Module


FoxPro Project


Pyrex Include File


Papyrus Script


Portable Object File


PL/B Source File


Python GUI Source File


Patch File


PureBasic Source File


Visual Studio Shell File


Visual Studio Shell File


Rational Rose Petal File


Perl Module


Portable Object


FoxPro Generated Query Program


QT Meta Language File


Quexal Source Code


Symbian Application Resource File


Ruby Script


.NET Managed Resources File


C++ Complied Resource Script


Rexx Source File


R Script File


Racket Source Code File


Ruby Source Code


Python Script


Visual Studio Resource File


Visual Studio Client Report Definition File


RISE Editor Model File


Visual Studio Refresh File


Rexx Source File


RemObjects Definition Language File


Windows Resources File


Rave Reports Project File


Windows JavaScript Resources File


Visual Studio Resources File


Rust Source Code File


Rembo-C Script


InstallShield Rules File


Resource Script


Macintosh Resource File


Real Studio Project File


RELAX NG Compact Syntax File


RemObjects SDK Test Results File


RapidWeaver Snippet File


Symbian Localization File


Real Studio Menu File


Ruby Document


RemObjects SDK Test File




REBOL Script File


Real Studio Version Controlled Project


Ruby Document Options File


Java Russian Font Properties File


Visual Studio Solution File


Bash Shell Script


Swift Source Code File


Source Code


AppleScript Dictionary Document


SourceSafe Status File


SourceSafe Source Code Control File


OpenGL Shader Builder Project


Adobe Dreamweaver Server Side Include File


Scratch Project File


Service Description Language File


Scratch 2.0 Project File


Red Hat Package Manager Source File


StarLogo Project File


StarLogo TNG Project File


Scala Source Code File


Symbols File


Sed Script


SilverStripe Source Code File


Android Smali Assembly Language File


Visual Studio SQL Server Project


RPM Specification File


Interface Builder Storyboard Document


AMX Mod Plugin Source File


AppleScript Script Terminology File


AppleScript Script Suite File


SAS Program File


Visual Studio Solution User Options File


Flash Debug File


Source Code File


Super Project Definition File


Alpha Five Set Data Dictionary File


Motorola S19 File Record


Super Project Analyzer File


SuperCollider Source Code File


Shared Library


Visual Studio IntelliSense Code Snippet


SkinMagic Toolkit File


Cypress Semiconductor Script


Flex Components Archive


TypeScript File


Visual Studio Test Results File


BBEdit Text Factory


TextMate Project File


C++ Source Code File


Visual Studio Text Template


Visual Studio Test Run Configuration File


Visual Studio Test Settings File


Typelib Generated C/C++ Header File


Typelib Generated C/C++ Inline File


Twig Template


Turbo Pascal 7 Unit


Tag Library Descriptor File


TI-Nspire Document


TextMate Language Grammar File


Turing Program Source File


Turing Source File


Turing Source Code File


Turbo Debugger Symbols File


Tcl Script


Tk Script


MSBuild Targets File


Turbo Pascal Unit


BlueJ Default Template


TextMate Project


TI-Basic Program File


UML Data Object Model


User Interface File


Torque Font Cache File


UML Class Model


Visual Basic Project Item File


Visual C++ Project


Visual Studio Visual Basic Project


Visual Tool Markup Language Document


Verilog Source Code File


Visual C++ Project File


VHDL Source File


Visual Studio Setup and Deployment Project


Velocity Template


Visual Studio Binary Macro Project


Visual Studio Test Metadata File


Adobe Dreamweaver Validator Configuration File


Visual Studio Text Macro Project


eMbedded Visual C++ Project File


Visual Studio Performance Report File


Visual Tool Markup Language File


Visual Studio Deployment Project


Visual Studio Hosting Process File


Velocity Template File


Visual Studio Wizard File


Visual Studio 2013 Solution User Options File


Visual Studio 2012 Solution User Options File


Visual Studio Serialized Performance Report


Visual Fox Pro Class Library


Visual Studio Performance Report Data File


Verge Code File


ViziGen Code Generation Template


VDM Specification File


Visual Basic Project Group File


Visual Basic Project Template


Visual Basic Project File


Visual Basic Custom Control


Visual C++ 4 File


Visual Studio Solution Source Control File


Visual Studio Project Source Control File


VHDL Source File


Visual Studio Command Table


Vala Source Code File


Variable Data


ViziGen Code Import Mappings File


VSIX Manifest


ViziGen Configuration File


Oc2.316s Cakit File


Visual Studio Performance Filter File


Adobe Captivate Widget File


WiX Project File


SharePoint Solution Package


Code::Blocks Workspace File


WiX Include File


OpenEdge Architect Source Code File


WiX Transform File


WiX XML Patch File


WiX Debug File


WiX XML Output File


WiX Object File


WiX Source File


WiX Localization File


WiX Library File


Win32 Makefile


Visual Studio Widget File


Windev Project File


Dashcode Widget Project


Visual Studio Work Item Query File


WinDev Mobile Window File


WinDev Window File


Windows Script Component


World Definition Language Script


Windows Metadata File


BBEdit Shell Worksheet File


AddOn Studio Project File


Xcode Project


XQuery File


XACT Project


XML Schema Definition


Visual Studio Workflow Service File


Interface Builder File


Xojo Menu File


Xojo Binary Project File


Xojo XML Project File


Xcode Core Data Model File


Windows Workflow File


Xcode Snapshot


Xcode Archive


Lex Source Code File


Xcode App Data File


XML Query Language File


XQuery Source Code File


X++ Source Code File


Xcode Workspace File


XQuery Module


Xcode Configuration Settings File


Xojo Project File




Xdebug Trace File


Xojo XML Menu File


Xojo Window File


Xojo Binary Window File


Xojo Toolbar File


Xcode Core Data Model File


XAML Binary File


Xojo Binary Toolbar File


Xojo Binary Menu File


Xojo Toolbar File


Xojo XML Window File


Xcode Project


XQuery Source File


Visual Studio XML Schema Layout File


YAML Document


YaST Metapackage File


BYOB Project File


Yacc Source File


YAML Document


Yabasic Source Code


YML Script