Database Files Extensions


4th Dimension Database Data File


GroupWise Database


4th Dimension Database Log File


Pervasive.SQL Database File


Access 2007 Database File


ACT! Data File


Access Project


ACT! Lookup File


Microsoft Access Signed Package


Access Execute Only Database


Access Runtime Application


Microsoft Access Database Template


Microsoft Access Data Type Template


askSam Database


Alpha Five Database File


Access Project Extension


Access Blank Project Template


WordPerfect Address Book


Apple Address Book Contact List


Absolute Database File


Btrieve Database File


Symbian Phonebook Database


TM1 Exported Cube File


RoboHelp Cache Project Database


Advanced Disk Catalog Database


SQL Server Checkpoint File


WhatsApp Encrypted Database File


WhatsApp Encrypted Database File


WhatsApp Encrypted Database File


WhatsApp Encrypted Database File


Database File


Mobile Device Database File


WhatsApp Encrypted Database File


Database Source Name File


Visual FoxPro Table


SQLBase Database File


SQLite Database File


Data Definition Language File


Concordance Database File


DTS Settings File


Domino XML Language File


SQL Server Data Tier Application Package


RemObjects Data Abstract Schema File


RemObjects Data Abstract Connections File


DataPower Database File


Database Text File


Database Variable Field


FoxPro Database Memo


FoxPro Database Index


FoxPro Database


Simple IDs Database


Excel Query File


SQLite Database Shared Memory File


SQLite Database Write-Ahead Log File


Exchange Information Store Database


EssentialPIM Database File


ECCO Corrupted Database File


ECCO Database File


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Database File


FileMaker Pro 7+ Database


FileMaker Pro 12 Database


MySQL Database Format File


FileMaker Pro Database


FileMaker Pro 12 Snapshot Link


FileMaker Pro 3 Database


First Choice Database


FileMaker Pro Database Memo File


WinDev Hyper File Database


Final Cut Pro Library Database


FileMaker Pro 5 Database


FileMaker 5 Database


FileMaker Pro 4 Database


PFS First Choice Database File


GPS Database File


GroupWise Database Shortcut File


HansaWorld Database File


FindinSite Database Definition File


IDA Database File


InTouch With Database File


InterBase Database


iTunes Database File


IN-HEH Timeline Database


JET Database File


ESE Transaction Log


Kexi Database


Keypass Database File


Kexi Database Connection File


Kexi Database Shortcut File


SimpleK Database File


SQL Server Database File


Microsoft Access Database


MySQL Workbench Document


Marshal Data Migration Model File


Microsoft Project Database


Textease Multi User Database


MySQL Merge File


Microsoft Access Form


Access Stored Procedures


Microsoft Access Report


Access View File


MySQL Database Data File


Microsoft Access Query


GeoMedia Access Database Template


Neat Cabinet File


NewViews 2 Database File


Lotus Notes Database


SQL Server Secondary Database File


myBase Database File


Lotus Notes 4 Database


Lotus Notes 3 Database


Eudora Address Book File


NewViews Database File


Lotus Notes 2 Database


Oracle Database Configuration File


OpenDocument Database


Excel OLAP Query File


RadiantOne VDS Database Schema


OutWit Catch Database


Program Database


PowerDesigner Database File


Win96 Database File


Win97 Database File


Panorama Database File


Panorama Database Set


QlikView Data File


Query File


Redatam Binary File


RIB office Database File


RealSQLDatabase File


RIB Project Database File


Ancestry Genealogical Database File


RabbitCT Dataset


Structured Query Language Data File


SQL Server Compact Database File


Sisma Database File


MonKey Office SQLite Database File


SQLite Database


SAS Data Set File


SQLite Database File


SQLite 3 Database File


Superbase Database File


SPSS Database Query File


FoxPro Form


Clarion TopSpeed Data File


Textease CT Database File


MySQL Temporary Database File


Oracle Trace Map File


SQL Server Trace File


SMART Response Teacher Database File


FileMaker Pro Database File


Microsoft Universal Data Link File


Dynamics AX User Database File


Visual Importer Script


VoxPro Database File


All The Right Type Database File


Microsoft Works Database


SQL Server Log Shipping File


Windows Media Database File


PowerDesigner Database Definition File


XML Flat File


Excel Database File