Data Files Extensions


3D Rad Project File


4D View Ultrasound File


Puppy Linux Save State File


3DMark2011 SE Project File


3D Topicscape File


3DMark Definition File


TurboTax Form File


TI-83 Plus Application Upgrade File


HostMonitor TestList Backup File


TurboTax 2008 Form File


TI-83/84 Plus Variable File


TI-83/84 Plus Group File


TI-83/84 Plus String File


Corel WordPerfect Document Index File


TurboTax Form File


TurboTax File


TI-73 Data List File


TI-73 Constant File


AppleSingle File


ACT! Document Template


Anime Studio Document


Authorware 5 Windows File


Adobe Device Central Project File


Nintendo Archive File


Answer Wizard File


AntiVir Profile


Adobe Captivate Aggregate File


AOL Address Book File


Pro/ENGINEER Assembly File


AZZ Cardfile Database File


Authorware Map File


Agenda At Once File


Adobe Sound Document


Ashampoo Burning Studio Project


Kaspersky Virus Database


Access Walker Database File


Ashampoo Backup Project


Aperture Library


Axon Text File


Audio Comparer Results File


Audio Comparer Group File


ooVoo Log File


All My Movies Database File


All My Books Database File


Vector NTI DNA File


Autoruns Data File


WriteOnline WordBar File


Addism Data File


X-Plane Aircraft File


Adobe Photoshop Scratch File


AppCraft Project


Aldfaer Genealogy File


DNA Sequence File


Advanced ETL Transformation Script


HotDocs Answer File


Spellcheck Dictionary Description File


Dynamics AX Label Description File


Ant Movie Catalog File


Adobe Device Central Device Set


Attribute-Relation File Format


Nortek Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter File


BERNINA Embroidery File


Graphics Accounts Data File

.aft Family Tree Database


ClarisWorks Assistant File


AVS Barcode Profile


AIF Builder Project File


Dynamics AX Application Label Data File


Dynamics AX Label Index File


Activeworlds Object Group File


DNA Electropherogram File


PhotoImpact 3 Album File


DNA Chromatogram File


Approach Index File


AudioVisual Book Data File


OnLine Ringman Auction Client File


HotDocs Binary Answer File


AntiVir Status Report File


Address Book CoreData Person File


Aperture Album File


Uncompressed AZZ Cardfile Data File


Pro Tools Elastic Audio Analysis File


After Effects Cache File


Authorware 6.5 File


Fusion Auto-save File


Sidecar Image Format File


Authorware 5 Library


Audials Wishlist File


Archivaldo Resource Archive


iPhoto Attributes File


Annotated Braille Text File


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Library


Alpha Five Web Components File


Lingvo Dictionary Annotation File


Adobe Edge Animate Library File


Keynote Presentation Data File


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Toolkit


Adobe Bridge Data File


Generic Binary File


iBooks Author Document


Windows Binary Performance Log File


VodaHost BlueVoda Project File


BIOWRAP Multi-Layer Security File


Babylon Glossary File


Envisioneer Building Project File


Windows Live Writer Data File


PersonalBrain Mind Map File


Calendar Creator File


Calyx Point Borrower File


Brew MP Binary Application Resource File


Spotify Playlist File


Boardmaker Interactive Board File


Babylon Dictionary File


TabRite Tablature File


Bore Plan Log


BioniX Wallpaper Playlist File


BizTalk Map File




Boundary Scan Description Language File


Braille Ready Format File


Trados AutoSuggest Dictionary File


BrainStorm Data File


EAGLE Circuit Board File


Business Plan Pro Document


Business Plan Pro Document


Behold Organize File


UCSC BED Annotation Track File


Illumina Base Call File


RoboHelp Browse Sequence File


Belarc Advisor Report File


Graphics Accounts Data File


E-mail Mailbox


TestGen Testbank File


FrameMaker Book File


Adobe Bridge Cache File


Business Contact Manager File


Chrome Dictionary File


Blob Data File


Binary Data File


Blender Cache File


NationsBank Check Images


DNA Baser Project File


MicroBraille File


Bytessence InstallMaker Document


Adobe Bridge Thumbnail Cache File


Bitware Fax Document


BurnAware File List


Golden Software Blanking File


iBooks Author Document Template


Adobe Bridge Cache Export File


NationsBank Check Image File


uTorrent Installer File




ColorSchemer Studio Color Scheme


Comma Separated Values File


Windows Contact File


Common Data Format


Affymetrix Probe Results File


ChessBase Encrypted Database Archive


Capito Data File


INTEX Output File


Coach Activity File


WhereIsIt Catalog File


CrazyTalk Clip File


Canvas Sequence Set


RIB Import Converter Profile


Analysis Services Cube File


Crash Data Retrieval Data File


Class Action Gradebook File


Compound Index File


Collage Maker Project File


CmapTools Concept Map File


Multimedia Fusion File


CrossOver Software Installer File


CaseMap 10 Case File


CryENGINE Map File


ConceptDraw PROJECT Document


Chemical Markup Language File


Adobe Captivate Project File


Adobe Captivate Commentable SWF File


Capella CapXML File


Corel R.A.V.E Project File


Containment Breach Map File


Comodo Virus Definitions File


CrazyTalk Model File


Standard Dictionary File


SMART Notebook Class List File


CFS Console File


ChessBase Game Moves File


Cytoscape Session File


Capture One Session File


CrazyTalk Project File


ClamAV Virus Definitions File


Crossword Weaver Puzzle File


CrazyTalk Animator Project File


Chemical Exchange Format File


Coordinate 3D File


Carl Zeiss Image Data File


Citavi 3 Project File


Citavi Project


DTM Test Log File


SimplePCI Data Document


ChemDraw XML File


Crystallographic Information File


Cognos Project File


Class Action Gradebook Elementary File


Corel Chart File


Car Explorer Data File


ClamAV Virus Definitions File


CircuitMaker File


Messenger Contact List


Clustify Output File


Clone Manager File


Construction Clouds Data File


PNA Code Calset File


Packet Capture File


StepMania SMZIP Package Description File


InterCheck Checksum Database


Coach Results File


Clicker Sentences File


Clicker Talk Set File


ClarisWorks Document


Clicker Communicator Vocabulary Set File


Clicker Matching Set File


Compressed Alignment File


Logisim Circuit File


ICQ Contact List


Gaussian Cube File


Catena Project File


FMAT Listmode File


FMAT Plate Results File


Celtx Project File


CursorXP Theme File


MagicJack Call Log File


Office 2007 Chart Template File


CD/Spectrum Pro File


CursorFX Theme File


Captivate Shared Action File


CineVision Encoding Session


CodeBox Library


ClozePro Archive


Invantive Composition Data Model File


Apple Developer Signing Certificate Request File


Cinema 4D Catalog


Clone Manager XML File


Corpatla Data Container File


Espresso workreport Document


HCFR Colormeter Data File


Espresso Mind Map Document


Logger Pro Data File


Miradi/ConPro Project File


Data File


FoxPro Table


Virtual Dongle Image


QQ Account Database File


Design Tools Draw File


PhotoSuite Project File


Data Interchange Format


DiskCatalogMaker Catalog File


Document Computation Format




Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder Project


Disketch Project File


Graphviz Graph File


Depiction Data File


Midas ViewPoint Display Form


DATroniC Data Recording


Adobe DNG Camera Profile Recipe File


Adobe Dreamweaver Site Cache File


DIALux Light Control File


Gerber Drill Rack File


Do It Again Task File


Derive Demo


DVDStyler Project File


Datamartist Data Canvas File


SnapGene DNA File


Cook'n Cookbook File


Diagram Designer Template


DumpSec Report File


DVD Flick Project


Diet Studio Data File


Dynamic Library


DVD Profiler Backup File


BrainVoyager Diffusion Weighted Project File


Direct Mail Project File


Disketch Project File


Dragon Voice Command File


Lingvo Dictionary File


dupeGuru Duplicate File List


Device Record


Debian Source Control File


Dictionary File


DELTA Binary Dataset File


DITA Conditions File


DITA Topic Map File


DITA Document


DiskCatalogMaker Catalog


Dynojet Run File


iMindQ XML Map Bundle


Kingsoft Presentation File


iMindQ Mind Map File


QuickBooks Forms Template


DivX Descriptor 2 File


DeltaMaster Analysis Model


DeltaMaster Analysis Session


DivX Descriptor File


Toad Data Modeler 2 File


IOBit Malware Fighter Definitions File


AutoCAD Dictionary File


Summation Batch Load File


DemoShield Project


Dance With Intensity Song File


iDVD Project File


Orchida (OES) Embroidery File


Directory Synchronizer Project File


Diet Analysis Profile


ObjectDock File


DiskCatalogMaker Thumbnail-Enabled Catalog


DVD-lab Project File


Patran Journal File


Driver Easy Offline Scan File


PyDrizzle Data File


Data Rescue Scans File


Diet Studio XML File


Lingvo Dictionary Error Log File


DART Metadata File


Sage ACT! 5 Email Message


Drum Station Machine State File




Develve Data File


Disc Copier Project File


DeepAnalysis Save File


3D Screen Creator Scene File


DHCD Computing Application Data File


Debug Symbols File


Dance Database File


DivX Temporary Video Data File


Export File


Electronic Data Interchange File


Exchangeable Image Information File


eFax Document


EnergyPlus Weather Data File


Evernote Archive


Electronic Navigation Chart File


EndNote Library


Edgecam Educational Part File


Easiteach Lesson File


Edge Diagrammer File


Easy Grade Pro Gradebook File


Xactimate Insurance Claims Estimate


ESRF Data File


ACD/Labs Dataset


Exchange Forms Designer Template


Encore Menu Template


Es-Builder Book File


E-DataAid 1.x File


E-DataAid 2.0 File


TalaPhoto Project


Archived EndNote Library


E-Studio 1.x Experiment File


Management-Ware Mass Mailing News E-Campaign List


Transmit Exported Favorites File


E-Studio 2.0 Experiment File


Everest Embedded Bank File


Echoview File


Embla Recording


ChessBase Tablebase


Enterprise Architect Project


Mail Message Attachment


Diploma Exam File


Construction Cost Estimate File


Adobe Dictionary Data File


ERWin Entity Relationship Diagram




Portage eBuild Script


IBM Linkway MsgPut File


SeeVogh Player Remote Recording


EndNote Search Options File


EMBL Sequence Data File


Yozo Office Chart Template File






Eraser Task List File


EPSON Print CD File


EPSON Print CD File


Boson Exam File


MetroCount Traffic Data File


RSLogix Symbol File


dvdisaster Error Correction File


Encarta Researcher File


Export Lister File


E-Merge 1.x Data File


Kingsoft Spreadsheets Template


EasyWorship Schedule File


E-Merge 2.0 Data File


Envoy File


EndNote Import File


Estimator.NET Estimate File


Adobe Edge Animate Library File


ZMC Visual Tablet Data


Embroidery Sequence File


Millions Email Generator Email List File


EEPROM Data File


Flight Simulator Saved Flight


FormConnect Form File


Portfolio Catalog


Family Tree Maker for DOS File


Family Tree Legends File


Adobe Flex Project File


FMAT Runfile


Final Cut Pro Event File


FX Graph File


AccountEdge Form


Flow Cytometry Standard File


FASTA Sequence File


RFFlow Flowchart File


OpenDocument Flat XML Presentation


AutoCAD Civil 3D Field Book File


Adobe Scout Session


Front Panel Encrypted Order File


FileMaker Pro Snapshot Link


Trine 2 Data File


Folder Lock Wallet File


Food Network Recipe File


MAGGI Face File


FolderClone Task List


Lucene Field Data File


Expression SketchFlow Data File


Folder Lock File


Reunion Family File


Exchange Forms Designer Form Message


ActivInspire Flipchart File


dBASE IV Compiled Report


Final Cut Pro XML File


WinRAR Format File


FoxPro Dynamic-Link Library




Practical Scriptwriter File


Freeway User Dictionary File


Fetch Shortcut List FIle


Overlook Fing Saved Network File


Flash Project


Family Tree Maker File


Final Cut Pro Library


File Systems Table File


Dynamics NAV Object Container File


FHC Data File


FormsForWeb Packet


Files List Object File


FASTA Formatted Sequence File


FASTA Sequence File


Fractal Flames File


InfoZoom Data File


InfoZoom Protected Data File


Flat File Descriptor


Nastran Execution Summary File


Nastran Output File


Final Cut Pro Share Destination File


Final Cut Pro Project File


FFmpegSource2 Media Index


Flow Chart Visual Programming Language Project File


Frequency Response Data File


Fractal Flames File


FX Graph 3 File


Splitty Data Split File


File Expander Engine Descriptions Database


Adobe Photoshop File Information File


Fileless Occurrence Placeholder


BigFix Action File


Folx Download File


Food Network Recipe Manager Data File


HP System Recovery Flags File


MyLabel Designer Deluxe Data File


FAQ Creator File


Electronic Form Loader File


GEDCOM Genealogy Data File


Microsoft Mathematics Worksheet


DPlot Graph File


Gerber Mill Layer File


GemStone Document


Google Drive Presentation


Garmin Point of Interest File


gretl Datafile


Grapher Project File


Babylon Glossary File


Ground Loop Design Work File


GraphML File


Dr.Explain Project File


Surfer Grid File


GenoPro Genealogy Tree File


Sothink SWF Easy Project File


GenePix Results File


GenePix Array List File


Grant Agreement Preparation Form


Gerber File


SMART Notebook Gallery Item File


SMART Notebook Gallery Collection File


SMART Notebook Gallery File


Gerber Bottom Solder Paste Data File


Gerber Bottom Solder Mask Data File


SmarterMail Group File


GRIB2 Meteorological Data File


Gerber Bottom Layer Data File


Gerber Top Layer Data File


Genome Compiler Project


Graphical Analysis 3 Document


Logger Lite Document


GrandPerspective Scan File


gretl Binary Datafile


Juice Grinder Recipe File


Global Mapper Package File


Juice Grinder Recipe File


GenBank Data File


GCG DNA Sequence File


Guitar Practiced Perfectly 2 Data File


Google Drive Form


Google Drive Fusion Table


Qlucore Data File


GenBank Data File


Google Drive My Map


ArcView ARC/INFO UnGenerate file


Gerber Top Solder Paste Data File


GradeStat Document


GanttProject Project File


GeoGebra Document


GraphClick File


Gradekeeper Class Gradebook File


Gradekeeper Class Roster File


GEDCOM Genealogy File


Grapher Graph File


Gesture and Motion Signal File


GraphiCode PCB Job File


Gerber Top Solder Mask Data File


Microsoft Graph File


Office Groove File


Gadge It Project


GenBank Data File


GreekToMe Translation File


Glarysoft Split File


Gerber Bottom Overlay Data File




xScope Guides File


Gridded Binary File


Gerber Top Overlay Data File


RoboHelp Glossary File


GUESS Graph Data Format File


Graph Exchange XML Format File


Greetings Workshop Project File


Graph Exchange Language File


Grapher Template


Zip Compressed GraphML File


Guitar Pro 3 File


GNU Tar Archive


GNU Tar Archive


GNPeak Output File


CFS Console Game Installer Settings File


At Home Canada 2012 Tax Return


Haluha Pearls File


H&R Block Canada 2013 Tax Return


Hierarchical Data Format File


H&R Block Canada 2015 Tax Return


HotDocs Clause Archive


HotDocs Auto-Assemble File


HyperRESEARCH 2 Study File


HydroCAD Rainfall Curve Data File


HydroCAD Hydrograph Data File


HydroCAD Unit Hydrograph Definitions File


HydroCAD IDF Data File


Hydrograph Units Definitons File


HydroCAD Prefab Chamber Data File


Team Manager Meet Event File


HotDocs Answer Library


HyperChem Input File


H&R Block Canada 2014 Tax Return


At Home Canada 2011 Tax Return


Help & Manual Compressed Project


Help & Manual XML Project


At Home Canada 2010 Tax Return


Outlook Holidays File


Microsoft PlayReady Data File


HotDocs Auto-Install File


HeuristicLab Storage File


HotDocs Library File


History File


HostMonitor TestList File


TreePad 6 Database File


Help & Manual 3 Project


Soft6502 Trainer/Simulator Hex File


H2OMAP Master Project


HotDocs Publisher Mapping XML File


HotDocs User Mapping XML File


Apple iTunes Library File


HackTheGame Mission Pack


HotDocs Variable Collection File


ChartXL Chart


HighMAT File


Huskey Truss & Building Supply Import File


MGD77T Header File


Quicken Online File


Help Index Document


Audacity Help File


Finale Preferences File


LaTeX Installer Script


iTunes Store Package


iBooks Author Document


Sage ACT! Email Message


Navigation POI File


Input File


Compiled Script


IconWorkshop Extended Information File


Windows Live Messenger Emoticon File


iTunes LP Album File


iProcrastinate Data File


Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document


Animation-ish FlipBook-ish Document


Animation-ish Advanced-ish Document


Apple iPhoto Metadata File


iTunes Extras File


InstantBingoCard Document


IES Photometric Data File


Inspiration Template


Ulead Disc Image


WordPerfect Address Book File


My Time Data File


Image Comparer Results File


Image Comparer Gallery File


InfoSlips Package


Brewer Lamp File


Abaqus Input File


Image Surfer Pro Collection File


Initialization Vector File


Impromptu Report File


SuiteProfiler Color Map File


Bitdefender Incremental Virus Definitions File


iBooks Author Document Template


intelliRock Sensor Data File


TomTom Navigator Itinerary File


Intuit Interchange Format File


Anime List Builder Input File


IUCLID 5 Import/Export File


Inspiration Flowchart Document


iTunes Library File


Mimio Ink Data File


OpenQwaq Image


iThink Model File


IconPackager Theme File


Beyond 20/20 Table File


ITX Form Template


RoboHelp Ignore List File


Indigo Queue File


iWorx Data File


iFiction Metadata File


iPhoto Alias File


iPhoto Library File


Fritz Update File


Intermodulation Analysis System File


INTUS Graph Mask Archive


iCal Event File


iCal To Do File


InteliSea Vessel Configuration File


InCopy CS3 Package File


Chain Engineering Database File


iClone Project File


Internet Researcher Project File


iChat Saved Chat Log


iFaith SHSH File


Brewer Irradiation File


iMovie Event File


iPhoto Library Archive Document


Synergy/DE Data Index File


JasperReports Print File


Symantec Endpoint Protection Update File


Windows Journal File


Motoman Robot Job File


JProbe Memory Snapshot


JMP Data File


Adobe Joboptions File


HJ-Split Data File


JasperReports Layout File


JasperReports Data File


JUDE Project File


Janome Embroidery Format


J&ASoft Data File


Jazer Data File


Just Type Backup File


EditPad Custom Syntax Coloring Scheme File


JClic Project File


Jazer Data File


Keynote Presentation


Mac OS X Keychain File


Kaspersky Virus Database File


Kid Pix Presentation


BSB Chart Image File


KisMAC Webservice File


Kid Pix Picture


Komodo Project File


Komodo Template File


KeePass Password Database


Keynote iCloud Presentation


KMyMoney Data File


Keynote Theme


Kerberos Keytab File


KPresenter Presentation


Kidspiration Document


Kaspersky Virus Bases File


Kaspersky Virus Bases File


KWordQuiz File


DigIN Serialized Break Model


Pfaff Embroidery Design File


Keyboard Script File


AntiVir Report Log File


NiceLabel Template File


Symantec LiveUpdate File


LightScribe Label Template


Generic Data Library


LIDAR Data Exchange File


Tecplot Layout File


LabVIEW Measurement File


SQL Server Transaction Log File


Symantec Antivirus Session File


LenMus Score File


Lightwright File


LightScribe Label


Cinema 4D Preset Library


GPS Location File


LilyPond File


Landmark Exchange File


QuickBooks Layout Designer File


Adminsoft Document Layout File


LEGO Digital Designer Assets File


Librarian Pro Database File


Language Application Support File


Band-in-a-Box Third-Party Styles File


LabelPrint Project File


Tecplot Layout Package


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Data File


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Catalog File


LEN Exchange Format File


Game of Life File




Lingoes Dictionary File


ABBYY Language File


HMI Historical Log File


LiveNote Case File


Logos Library System File


Logos Library System File


Lingvo Dictionary File


LabVIEW Library File


Lingvo User Dictionary File


LDAP Data Interchange Format File


WordPerfect DTD Compiler Logic File


LP7 Digitally Signed File


Multimedia Logic File


X-Plane Painted Line File


Line 6 Tone File


Lipikar Custom Map File


RadioRA 2 Essentials Project Database


RadioRA Essentials Project Database


LPMD Molecular Data File


APT List File


Lightworks Data File


LEN Exchange Format File


Lucid Color Set File




Large Graph Layout Edge File


Microsoft Access Lock File


Adobe Linguistic Library Data File


Livewire Document


LANsurveyor Poll List


FoxPro Label File


WebKit Local Storage Data File


Light Notebook File


Quicken Financial Life for Mac File


LANsurveyor Map


Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Toolkit


LANsurveyor Report


Measurement Data Format File


Mathematica Input File


Avid Media Database


Master Album Maker Project


MathWorks Simulink Model


Weather Defender Map


MDict Dictionary File


Mathcad Prime Document


Yamaha PSR Disk Manager File


MOPEKS Trial File


Meal-Master Recipe File


ExtendSim Simulation Software Model


MEGA Tree Session File


MDict Resource File




Microsoft Project Exchange File


Adobe Extension Information File


AMPL Model File


Moneydance Financial Data File


Maple Worksheet


StarUML Model File


Mathcad Document


MEGA Saved Session


FreeMind Mind Map


Microsoft Project File


ClarisWorks Dictionary File


Windows Mobile Encrypted File


MapGuide Author Map Window File


Photostory Deluxe Project


Question File


MicroWorlds EX File


eMule Resource File


Mathematica Serialized Package File


MobileFrame Update File


MobileFrame App File


Minitab Project File


MobileFrame Package


Perl ModInfo Descriptor File


Multiple Master Metric Data File


Minitab Worksheet File


HLM Multivariate Data Matrix File


Microsoft Clip Organizer File


Mozilla FastLoad File


Macromedia Design Note


Maple Classic Worksheet


Anime Studio Animation Project


Multisim 10 Circuit Design File


Miradi Project File


File List Creator Playlist


Mandelbrot Explorer All Data File


MAGIX Cache File


MacGourmet Deluxe Document


Megacubo XML Metafile


MacGourmet Deluxe 4 Document


MasterCook Mac Document


MyLabel Designer Deluxe Project File


MagicPlot Project File


MOPEKS Script File


MOPEKS Text File


MATLAB Unit Operation Model File


MadgeTech Data Logger Report


MolMeccano File


AccountEdge Company File


Photostory Deluxe Slideshow


Mediator Project File


Music Publisher Score


MindNode Document


Megacubo Package


Oracle Binary Message File


Microsoft Clip Organizer Media Catalog File


Merlin Project File


Multi Dimension Cube File


Multimedia Builder Project File


Mutation Annotation Format File


Mathematical Programming System File


MEGA Data File


MediaShow Burning Project File


MEGA Alignment Sequence File


Money Data File


Mortality Table File


MDL Molfile


MindManager Map File


Microsoft Mailbag


Milestones Simplicity File


My Notes Center Notebook


Microsoft Mail File


Microsoft Media Catalog


MySQL MyISAM Index File


Macrofocus TreeMap File


MyScreenSaver Builder File


MedCalc Data File


Blue Card Manager Merit Badge Mastersheet File


Derive Math File


My Notes Keeper Notebook


Macro Express File


Kaspersky File Table


MuseScore Composition File


MacOSaiX Mosaic File


GreekToMe Memories File


Microsoft Project Template


Outlook Express Mailbox


FileMaker Dictionary File


Miinoto Exchangeable Group File


Money Manager 6 File


Maths Helper Plus File


MGCSoft Equation Illustrator File


Windows Live Messenger Data File


Microsoft Access Data File


MGD77T Data File


MGD77 Data File


Mustaq Data File


Adobe Encore Project


SMART Notebook File


SMART Notebook File


NetCDF File


Nero DiscSpan Compilation File


Navisworks Presenter Material Palette File


Notation File


Mathematica Player Notebook File


dBASE Index File


Windows Live Mail Newsgroup File


Nokia Flash Lite Package


Nero Disc Compilation File


NScheduler Data File


Nero DVD-Video Compilation File


Nero CD-ROM Boot Compilation


Nero UDF CD-ROM Compilation


Nero Mixed Mode CD Compilation


McAfee ePO Network Associates Package


ANNI Neural Network Portfolio File


Now Contact File


NMEA Data File


NWChem Output File


NetUpdate Package


theWord Encrypted New Testament Text Module


theWord New Testament Text Module


Lotus Note Template


NetSpot Survey Project File


NetLogo 3D Model File


NetLogo Model File


Nessus Network Security Scanner File


Portfolio NetPublish File


Netica Binary File


Folio Views Infobase File


Portfolio NetPublish Template


netViz Project File


Neat Contact File


NovaMind Mind Map File


Lotus Notes Design Elements File


National Imagery Transmission Format File


Autonomy Interwoven Link File


ANNI Neural Network Investing File


Nokia Playlist File


Nuendo Project File


Nessus Report File


Note Ledge File


Nisus Clipboard Document


Nastran Input File


Neat Document Folder File


Neat Receipt Folder File


NVDL Script


NewsMaker Project File


Nokia Data File


ClamAV Extended Signature File


Aqua3D Network File


Nessus Security Report File


NetSpot Map File


VMware NVRAM File


Nisus License


UniChem Results File


PlayStation 2 BIOS Configuration File


OpenTuft Tufting Design File


Relocatable Object Code


OpenDocument Presentation


Output File


Open Financial Exchange File


OpenLP Service File


Windows Mail Account File


Open Virtualization File


Office Binder Document


OEMEdit Save File


Open Virtual Appliance


Office Manager Document Archive


OpenDocument Chart File


Lotus Organizer 6 File


FlipViewer FlipBook File


Outlook Message File


Mac Outlook Database File


Android Opaque Binary Blob File


OutWit Hub Automator File


theWord Bible Text Module


theWord Old Testament Text Module


theWord Encrypted Bible Text Module


theWord Encrypted Old Testament Text Module


OmniForm Form


OrgPlus Org Chart


Opal Outline File


BizTalk Server Orchestration File


Offline Address Book


Outlook File Template


Open Document File


OpenDocument Presentation Template


OmniOutliner 3 File


Lotus Notes Encapsulated Memo File


Open Financial Connectivity File


Durango Document


OneNote Document


NoteTab Outline File


Oceanic DataPool File


Outlook Category File


TrialDirector Object Load List


Microsoft Office User Settings File


OpenPAT Report


Nastran Output File


Nastran Output File


Lotus Organizer 5 File


IBM Lotus Organizer 97 GS File


Office Manager Access File


Lotus Organizer File


ooVoo Log File


Outlook Calendar Event File


Outlook Contact File


Outlook Signature File


Outlook Mail Account File


Outlook Email Message Data File


Outlook Group File


Outlook Note File


Microsoft Office User Settings File


Outlook Address Book File


Orbit Downloads List


Origons Movie Data File


IBM Lotus Organizer 97 File


Mascopt Graph Request File


Outlook Task File


Lotus Organizer 2 File


PowerPoint Open XML Presentation


Protein Data Bank File


Plot Station Plot Request File


Pure Compound Text File


PowerPoint Presentation


PowerPoint Slide Show


Tecplot Binary Data File


GPS Prediction Support File


PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation


PowerPoint Open XML Slide Show


Scrapbook Flair Template


CyberLink PowerProducer Project


xPlan Document


ProPresenter 5 Playlist Bundle


Corel Presentation


xPlan Model


Project File


OpenProj Project File


Adobe Acrobat Index File


E-Transcript Bundle File


Presentations Template


Transit NXT Pack Project File


MYOB Accounting Data File


Spaceman Planogram File


Pcap-NG Packet Capture File


PCMark Vantage Benchmark File


Primavera P3 Compressed Project File


Planetary Data System File


Nastran Punch Output File


Photos Library


AOL Personal File Cabinet


Outlook Personal Information Store File


PaperPort Thumbnail File


TurboProject Project File


Primavera P3 Project File


Clone Manager Primer File


Windows Live Photo Gallery Information File


Personal Ancestral File


Password Depot 3-5 File


Calligra Plan Document


Pawaa File


Pocket Excel File


Magellan Maestro Point of Interest File


Broderbund Print Meta Object File


PicoLog Data File


Family Lawyer Document


Pro Home Manager Data File


Packet Tracer Network Simulation Model


Harvard Graphics Presentation


iPhoto Photo Library


ProPresenter 5 Bundle File


ProPresenter 5 Document


Dial-Up Phone Book File


Packet Tracer Activity File


Programmer's Notepad Project File


ProPresenter Playlist File


RecordNow Project


Personal Composer File


Ketron Sound Pattern File


Pipe Separated Values File


Pepakura Designer File


ProPresenter Playlist File


ProPresenter Playlist Bundle


ProPresenter 4 Bundle File


ProBID+ Data File


PhotoDirector Project File


Didger Project File


Process Monitor Log File


Popnoggin Subject File


SoftMaker Presentations Template


MikuMikuDance PolygonMovieMaker File


Prezi Desktop Presentation


Password Depot Portable File


Gnome Planner File


Cognos PowerPlay Report File


Priority Matrix Project File


EPSON Print CD File


Avid Persisent Media Record File


SPSS Portable File


Photoshop Album Catalog File


Motorola Phone Book File


Transit XV Pack Project File


SoftMaker Presentations Document


PhotoSuite 5 Project File


PasswordWallet 4 Data File


ProPresenter 4 Document


PDF Index Generator Project File


PhysicsEditor Sheet File


PingPlotter Data File


Power Tab File


Lotus 1-2-3 Formatted Text File


Packet Capture Data


PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Slide Show


PowerPoint Open XML Presentation Template


PowerPoint Open XML Macro-Enabled Presentation Template


Prism Document


Personal Address Book


pDRAW32 DNA File


PowerPoint Template


Medtronic Programmer Data File


Pure Component Data File


Windows Prefetcher File


PopChar Character Shape File


Pronto for Windows Data View File


Merak Peep Data File


Polygen3D Vector Descriptor


Oracle Package Body File


Oracle Package Spec File


Printed Circuit Board Design File


Oracle Package File


Packed Digital Signature File


XtraReports PrintingSystem Document


PDAStore Data Store File


Plaintext Data Processing Language File


Quicken Financial Exchange File


Quicken 2015 Data File


QuickBooks 2011 File


QuickBooks 2009 File


QuickBooks 2012 File


QuickBooks 2013 File


QuickBooks 2014 File


Quicken Essentials for Mac Data File


Quicken Data File


QuickBooks Data File


QlikView Document


Quicken Interchange Format File


QuarkXPress Required Component File


LabQuest Document


Quartus II Project File


Quicken Essentials for Mac Exchange File


QuickReport File


ViewletBuilder Project File


QuickBooks 2010 File


QuickTax 2009 Tax Return


QuickTax 2008 Tax Return


Quicken Financial Exchange File


QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Import File


Quicken Data File (Macintosh)


Quick and Dandy Plotter File


QuickBooks Point of Sale Data File


QuickBooks General Journal Entry File


Diploma Question Bank File


QuickBooks Report Template


ColorSync Utility Quartz Filter


Qt Install Script


QuickBooks XML Format File


Diploma Question Bank File


Quicken Data Backup File


Quobject Quiz Package


QuickBooks Accountant's Copy Work File


Question Object File Format


Quest3D Project File


Qt Phrase Books File


Quicken Electronic Library


Quicken Data File


QuickTax 2007 Tax Return


QuickBooks 2006 File


QuickBooks 2007 File


Qt Compiled Translation Source File


QuickBooks 2005 File


QuickTime Install Cache File


Quicken 5 & 6 Data File


Quicken 3 & 4 Data File


Crystal Reports File


X-Plane Replay File


FirstClass Resource File


Axure RP Project File


Roxio Project File


Road Trip Planner File


Revit Project File


eJuice Me Up Recipe File


RSLogix PLC Program File


Revit Project Template


REAPER Project File


RoboForm Option File


Symbian Application Compiled Resource File


ARIS Report Script Model File


RSView32 Project File


Revit Family File


aSc TimeTables Schedule File


RDCman Config File


Reference Manager Data File


R Presentation File


Recovery State File


R Workspace File


REDCINE-X Project File


Axure RP Shared Project File


NRG Raw Wind Data File


Adobe Revel Library File


Arcade File


Power View Project File


RootsMagic Genealogy Project File


ARIS Report Script Object File


R&R SQL Report Writer Report File


Reference Manager Index File


N64 ROM Database


RepliGo File


Entourage File Archive




Renque Model File


Ancestry Genealogical Database File


Gerber Route File


Actuate Report Object Design File


Recog Character Recognition Set




WinRail Track Design File


BusinessObjects Template


Rosetta Stone Data File


Audials Station File


Roleplay Designer Data File


Radiotracker Wishlist File


Report Object Instance


Ring Tone Transfer Language File


Norton Internet Security Log File


Ren'Py Bytecode File


Rhapzode Resource Template


RoboHelp RTA Data File


Revo Uninstaller Pro Log


Roxio Project


Reimbursement Tracker Data File


Microsoft Train Simulator Reference File


RIB office Compressed Archive


R History File


R.viewer List File


Retina Wireless Scanner File


Gromacs Residue Topology Parameter File


RIB Project Archive File


R Data File


Retirement Forecast File


Random Word Generator Project File


Alpha Five Runtime License File


Reflex Data File


Budget In Brief Reference File


Roger 2 Input Data File


SPSS Data File


Standard Data File


MathWorks Simulink Model File


Fireworks Style Library


Sothink SWF Quicker File


Disc Cover File


Surfer Project File


Exchange Streaming Media File


Samsung Channel List File


SuperCard Project File


DNA Sequence Text File


Shapefile Index File


SnagIt Capture File


Sisulizer Project File


Serial Vector Format File


RoboHelp Stop List File


DNA Sequence Chromatogram File


SMath Studio Document


Orbiter Scenario File


SPSS Output Document


SPSS Program File


McAfee Fortress File


Celestia Solar System Catalog File


NewsMaker Story File


ABAQUS Status File


Stykz Animation


myPM SCG Definition File


RoboHelp Synonym List File


Stykz Stick Figure


Samsung Kies Phonebook File


SDL Translation Memory File


SlideShow Creator Project File


SAP Tutor File


US Treasury Savings Bonds Wizard File


Office Accounting Company Data File


Pinnacle Studio Project File


ESRI Spatial Index File


Symbolic Link File


SenTest Data File


SmartDraw Collection Package File


Corel SnapfireShow File


StuffIt Archive Index File


Scene Description Language File


SQ Data File


Stream File


SmartMusic Package File


SmartMusic XML File


SimplexNumerica Data File


Simplexety Parameters File


Scilab Unit Operation Model File


Swiss Ephemeris Data File


SuperCard 4 Project File


Samsung S Memo File


Grapher Settings File


Speccy Snapshot


SuperCard Help Project File


myPM SCG Classic Data File


myPM SCG Starter Data File


myPM SCG Pro Data File


Scilab Script


Hanshow Presentation


SmartBroker Data


Swift To-Do List Database


Scanning Vibrometer Data File


Artspeak Source File


NCI Compressed Database


Celestia Star Catalog File


PhotoStage Slideshow Project


Samsung Theme Document


Seavus Secure Project File


SDL Trados XLIFF Localization File


SETI@home Data File


SmilePlant Project Data File


VMware ThinApp Snapshot File


Standard Flowgram Format File


SuperCard Help Project


StarOffice Impress Presentation

.sds Chart


Sisulizer Package File


Sysquake Program


StudyWorks Save File


SQL Program File


Stickfigure Animator File


Sibelius Arrange Style


dBASE Structure List Object File


XLANG Schedule File


Semicolon Separated Values File


TurboTax Tax Schedule List


Sabre Airline Solutions Chart


Patran Session File


Kaspersky Statistics File


Starry Night Pro Data File


Corel Presentation


Standard Generalized Markup Language File


Session Description Protocol File


Norton AntiVirus Scan File


SEO Note File


AQW Trainer File


Consolidated Unix File Archive


TurboTax 2014 Tax Return


TurboTax 2015 Tax Return


At Home 2012 Tax Return


TurboTax Canada 2012 Tax Return


TurboTax Canada 2010 Tax Return


Translation Memory Exchange File


CompeGPS Land Track File


At Home 2009 Tax Return


TaxCut 2008 Tax Return


At Home 2011 Tax Return


Rosetta Stone Language Data File


TurboTax 2011 Tax Return


Tableau Workbook File


Typinator Set File


At Home 2010 Tax Return


TurboTax 2010 Tax Return


Qt Translation Source File


Multi Channel Measurement File


H&R Block 2013 Tax Return


Firmware Image File


ToolBook File


TurboTax 2013 Tax Return


Tab Separated Values File


Android Thumbnail Cache


TurboTax Canada 2013 Tax Return


TurboTax 2009 Tax Return


TurboTax Canada 2015 Tax Return


H&R Block 2015 Tax Return


TaxAct 2015 Tax Return File


Tableau Data Extract File


Gromacs Topology File


Tableau Packaged Workbook


MySpaceIM Conversation Log File


Transit NXT Pack Translation File


LabVIEW Binary Measurement File


TimeCalc Classic Data File


FirstBreak Concrete Test File


StarCraft Information Table


TouchMagix Editable Document Template


TreePad 7 Database File


TeamViewer Configuration File


Totals Synchronized Database File


Totals Database Backup File


Totals Database File


TurboTax 2012 State Tax Form


SMART Table Activity Pack File


TaxAct 2014 Tax Return File


H&R Block 2014 Tax Return


TurboTax Canada 2014 Tax Return


ToDoList Tasklist File


TurboTax 2013 State Tax Form


Terragen Project File


TurboTax 2012 Tax Return


TurboTax Canada 2011 Tax Return


FTR Media File


Timeliner 5 File


Trivial Graph Format File


Tracker Status Report


theWord Module


TAR Distribution Archive


CrossTie Installer File


Catalyst Translation Toolkit


TaxCut 2007 Tax Return


Transit XV Pack Translation File


TaxCut 2006 Tax Return


TaxCut 2005 Tax Return


Game Texture Dictionary


TablEdit Tablature


TreeSoft CashFlow Analysis Data File


TrID Definitions Package


TaskJuggler Project File


Tape Format Requirements Document


TopicCrunch Project File


Tellico Collection File


TKLinks Saver Favorite Links File


TestPoint Test File


WinTrack Object File


WinTrack Railroad Track File


Training Center Database File


TurboTax 2008 Tax Return


Palm To-Do File


Task Wheel Project File


Textease CT Template


Midas ViewPoint Text Array List


Tabbery Tab File


GROMACS Binary Input File


ActiCalc Data File


Rigs of Rods Terrain 2 File


Visual Studio Toolbox Data File


Tracker Status Log


Theme Manager Zip File


theWord Compressed Archive Module


theWord Compressed Archive Module


Typinator Set File


Rigs of Rods Terrain File


Tulip Software Graph Format File


TurboTax 2013 Tax Return File


TestComplete Log Configuration File


Terragen Terrain File


TurboTax 2012 Tax Return File


TurboTax 2014 State Tax Form


Terragen Node Clip File


TurboTax Tax Return


Standard Dictionary File


Apimac Timer Document


TurboTax 2010 Tax Return File


Translation Memory Data File


Textease 2000 File


Teach2000 Exam Results File


TurboTax 2011 Tax Return File


Teach2000 Document


Teach2000 Exam File


Corel CONNECT Tray File


TestComplete Configuration Reference File


TeamViewer Download File


TaxCut 2003 File


TaxCut 2002 File


TaxCut 2001 File


TaxCut 2004 File


AOL Tool File


Typinator Set Import File


TurboTax 2008 Tax Return File


CommScope Teletilt Control System Report




TurboTax 2009 Tax Return File


User Word List File


Microsoft UCC API Log File


UFile 2010 Tax Return


SmartMusic Custom File


Unity Package File


iGO Points of Interest File


Adobe InDesign User Dictionary


UFile 2011 Tax Return


UFile 2012 Tax Return


UVW Coordinates File


EAGLE User Language Program


Universal Web Radio File


USeq Genome Data File


Fractal Parameters File


Universe Sandbox Data File


Uniform Office Presentation


Uncertain Value Format


USBlyzer Data Capture File


Universal List File


ISAPI Update File


MediaHolder Universal Media Format File


OmniPage User Dictionary


Universal Binary JSON File


Debian Package File


Sierra Generations File


Uniform Standard Tape Archive Format File


Value Change Dump File


vCard File


Visio Drawing XML File


AntiVir Virus Definitions File


VoiceXML File


Symantec Virus Database File


Visual Basic Workspace File


Virtual Machine Saved State File


VOI Group File


Virtual Machine Undo Drive File


Virtual Business - Personal Finance Data File


VISE Installer Project


Avast! Virus Update File


Visio Macro-Enabled Stencil File


Visio Stencil File


Stitch Pattern File


VMware Suspended State File


VMware Snapshot State File


Visual Paradigm Project File


Voxler Network File


Visual Studio Content File


PocketVok Vocabulary File


Visio Stencil XML File


Visio Template XML File


Valve Material File


vCalendar Event File


Visio Report Definition File


Visual CertExam Exam File


VentaFax Schedule File


LabVIEW Virtual Instrument File


Orbiter Vector Map File


Windows Vault Policy File


Windows Vault Credentials File


VYM Mind Map File


GreekToMe Verse List File


Windows Vault Schema File


Valodas Dictionary File


VMware Snapshot Metadata File


Voc Vocabulary File


Virtual Labs Electricity Circuit File


VentaFax Logbook File


Fontcase Vault File


WinList Analysis Protocol File


Corel Quattro Pro 7 and 8 File


Windows Address Book


IMPS Data File


Workshare Compare DeltaFile


1-2-3 Word Search Maker Puzzle File


Windows Live Contacts File


Corel Quattro Pro File


WinCatalog Collection File


Works Calendar File


WordPad Converter File


Corel Quattro Pro File


Wise Package Studio Installer Package


Wise Package Studio Merge Module


Tektronix Waveform Data File


MultiBit Wallet File


Firefox Web App Manifest File


SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence File


MagicHTML Web Video Player Project


Windows Live Writer Post File


Ecotect Weather File


GuinXell Package File


Wink Presentation


ReGet Deluxe Data File


Win-Test Binary Log File


Offline Explorer Data File


Lotus Worksheet


Wing Helper File


WordPerfect Form


Inkling Sketch XML File


Lotus 5 Worksheet


Lotus 3 Worksheet


Lotus 4 Worksheet


HOLUX Waypoint File


WebEx Saved Chat Session


Offline Explorer Queue File


Split Archive File


Alpha Five Web Publish History File


Alpha Five Settings File


Encarta File


Lotus 2 Worksheet


Lotus 1-2-3 Educational Version Worksheet


XML File


DNA Strider Sequence File


XRDML Data File


XSL Transformation File


XML Style Sheet


FormFlow 99 Form Data File


Symantec Virus Database File


Adobe Acrobat XFDF File


RoboHelp HTML Project File


Excel Workbook


Visual Studio Dataset Internal Info File


SyncRO Soft oXygen XML Editor Project


XRY Data File


RationalPlan Project File


Autoplay Media Studio Exported Page


CmapTools Exported Topic Map


Mathcad Worksheet File


XBRL Document


xTime Project Document


LcdStudio Design File


XPDL Module


Primavera P6 Project File


XML Metadata Interchange File


InfoPath Form Definition File


SMART Notebook File


Extensible Attribute-Relation File Format


Xilinx Serial Vector Format File


SMART Notebook File


Spoon XML Application Configuration File


Affirm Deposition Transcript


eManager Form Data


SAS Transport File


Adobe Form Designer 5.0 File


LeCroy Binary Waveform File


Excel Chart


ExamSoft Exam File


XML Data Package


Micro Planner Manager File


Excel Unit Operation Model File


FlowExchange Data File


Excel Template


XLIFF Document


PowerDesigner Model definition File


ExamSoft Answer File


XSL-FO Formatted Form


XMind Markers Package


Graph Modeling Language XML File


XMind Resource Bundle


Xcode Crash Point File


Mathcad XML Worksheet Template


XGMML Graph File


XMind 2007/2008 Workbook


XLIFF Localization File


Pro/ENGINEER Assembly Instance Accelerator File


ExpressK Database File


Molecule Specification File


iProcess Process Definition File


VISE XML Project File


Extensible TreeGraph File


SMART Notebook Template File


Celestia Sampled Trajectory File


ExamSoft Working File


CineStyle Color Correction File


XAIML Chatterbot Database File


Xfire Game Patcher File


Miradi XML Project File


Xcode Plug-in Data File


Brixx Planner Calendar


Y Graph Format File


Yenka Model File


YRC Software Data Script


YRC Bookmarks Archive


YUM Transaction File


Yahoo! Messenger Chat Log


Yahoo! Auctions Data


ZoneAlarm Pro Data File


OpenZIM Wiki Archive


ZoneAlarm Quarantine File


Zoom Player Play List


Zimbra Database File


CD Catalog Expert Database File


Impedance File


Quicken Online File


Adobe Language File