Audio Files Extensions


Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Bundle


Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Setlist File


Line 6 POD HD500X Edit Preset File


3GPP Audio File


Amiga 8-Bit Sound File


4-MP3 Database File


3GPP Multimedia File


Six Channel Module


Nintendo DS Audio Library File


Nintendo DS Sound File


Amiga OctaMed Music File


Eight Channel Module


Audio Interchange File Format


ADTS Audio File


Ableton Max Patch File


Ableton Live Set File


ATRAC3 Audio File


Sony ACID Project With Embedded Media File


Velvet Studio Sample


Audible Audio Book File


Monkey's Audio Lossless Audio File


Adaptive Multi-Rate Codec File


Ableton Live Sample Analysis File


Amazon MP3 Downloader File


ACID Project File


Advanced Module File


ATRAC Audio File


Mass Effect 2 Audio File


Interplay Audio File


Music Album


Audio Data Transport Stream File


Audio Codec 3 File


aacPlus Audio File


Anghami Audio File


ABC Music Notation


Monkey's Audio Track Information File


DTS Multi-channel Pro Packer File


Sony Ericsson Firmware Acoustics File


MAGIX ACID Project Backup File


ADPCM Compressed Audio File


Adlib Tracker II Instrument File


Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank


Ambling BookPlayer MP3 File


Ableton Live Clip File


Ableton Groove File


Ableton Device Preset File


Ableton Device Group


Adlib Tracker II File


DVD-Audio Audio Object File


Velvet Studio Module


Akai Sampler File


Advanced Audio Coding File


Video Game Compressed Audio File


Audacity Project File


Audacity Audio File


Compressed Audio Interchange File


Audio Interchange File Format


Adlib Tracker II Instrument Bank with Macros


Audible Enhanced Audiobook File


Cubasis Project File


AIMP Playlist File


Velvet Studio Instrument


WinAHX Tracker Module


Adlib Tracker II Tiny Module File


A-Law Compressed Sound Format


Adlib Tracker II Pattern File


Annodex Audio File


Bidule Layout File


Adlib Instrument Bank


Bagpipe Player File


CARA Loudspeaker Design File


GarageBand Project File


Blaze Audio Wave Information File


Broadcast Wave File


CARA Sound Radiation Data File


Cakewalk Bundle File


Sonic Foundry Batch Converter Script


SNES Sample File


Braille Music Markup Language File


BrainWave Generator Audio File


Winamp Playlist File


BRSTM Audio Stream File


Bonk Audio File


Audition Loop


Cubase Waveform File


Cubase Project


Raw Audio CD Data


CD Audio Track Shortcut


Core Audio File


DTS Compact Audio File


Conformalizer Change List File


Pro Tools Clip Group File


Cakewalk SONAR Template


Adobe Conformed Audio File


CD Digital Audio File


Crescendo Music Notation File


Core Audio File


Audition CD Layout File


CrazyTalk Script File


Creative Music Format


Cakewalk Bundle


Cricket Audio Bank File


Sony Ericsson Protected Content File


iTunes CD Information File


Typhoon Wave Audio File


Cakewalk SONAR Project


ChordWizard Song


Casio Keyboard File


Delusion Digital Sound File


Music Disc Creator Project File


Sound Editor Project File


Nuance Dragon Voice Recording File


DCM Audio Module


DRM Content Format File


DiamondWare Digital Audio File


Digital Speech Standard File


DPCM Sample File


I-Doser Audio Drug File


DTS-HD Master Audio File


Jill of the Jungle Music File


LMMS DrumSynth File


Olympus DSS Pro Audio File


Sony Digital Voice File


DRM Delivery Message


Dictation Audio File


Digilink Audio File


Downloadable Sounds File


Delusion Digital Music File


Digital Sound Module


DigiTrakker Module


Defractor Instrument


Defractor 2 Instrument


Dynamic Studio Professional Module


SoundEdit Recorded Instrument


DSD Audio File


DTS Encoded Audio File


Ringtone Media Studio DJ Ringtone Project


David Whittaker Audio File


Braille Music Reader File


eMusic Download File


eMusic Music Download File


Eyemail Audio Recording


Ensoniq SQ-80 File


Ensoniq VFX-SD File


ESPS Sampled Data File


Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS-32 File


Ensoniq KT File


ABT Extended Module


Ensoniq ASR File


EveryonePiano Music Score File


eMelody Ringtone File


Ensoniq EPS File


Cubase Expression Map File


Enhanced Variable Rate Audio File


FamiTracker Module


Free Lossless Audio Codec File


FMOD Sample Bank File


Sound Forge Pro Project File


FL Studio Mobile Song File


Finale Template File


Finale Performance Assessment File


Adobe Flash Protected Audio File


Gravis UltraSound Sound Bank


FMOD Audio Events File


FMOD Project File


Farandoyle Linear Module File


Raw 32-Bit Audio File


Farandoyle Blocked Module File


Farandole Composer WaveSample File


FL Studio Score File


Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump


Casio FZ-1 Full Dump


FL Studio Project File


Raw 64-Bit Audio File


Farandole Composer Module


Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump


Bethesda Softworks Voice File


FamiTracker Instrument File


Flash Lite Sound Bundle


Dawn of War Audio File


Guitar Pro 6 Document


Global System for Mobile Audio File


ACID Groove File


Guitar Pro Sound Bank File


GameBoy Sound File


Game Boy Advance Song Library


Game Boy Advance Sound File


Tascam GigaSampler File


G.721 Audio File


G.723 Audio File


WaveLab Audio Peak File


G.726 Audio File


Guitar Pro 5 Tablature File


Sega Genesis Sound File


Game Music Creator Sound File


Allegro MIDI File


GarageBand Project


Nyquist MIDI File


Transport Tycoon Music File


MAGIX Hard Disk Project Audio File


HALion Sound Bank File


Line 6 POD HD Edit Setlist File


Line 6 POD HD500 Edit Preset File


Line 6 POD HD500 Edit Bundle


Line 6 POD HD500 Edit Setlist File


Line 6 POD HD400 Edit Bundle


Line 6 POD HD Edit Preset File


GameCube Audio File


Line 6 POD HD300 Edit Preset File


Line 6 POD HD Edit Bundle


Line 6 POD HD300 Edit Bundle


Line 6 POD HD400 Edit Preset File


Sony HI-MD Audio File


Movie Edit Pro Waveform Information File


HMI Audio File


IC Recorder Sound File


Interchange File Format


Sample Cell II Instrument Definition File


Igor Published Music Notation File


IIS Smooth Streaming Audio File


Impulse Tracker Instrument


Impulse Tracker Module


INTUS Audio Archive


iTunes Live Stream URL


Audition Impulse File


Impulse Tracker Sample


Igor Engraver File


Id Music File


JSON Playlist File


Line 6 Device Recording


jo Audio File


jo Audio File


Battery Drum Kit File


Battery 3 Drum Kit File


KaraFun Karaoke File


Kazaa Playlist File


Kurzweil K2500 File


Bell Music File


Korg Trinity/Triton Sample File


Karaoke MIDI File


Kurzweil K2000 File


Kurzweil K2600 File


Native Instruments Massive Sound File


Korg Trinity/Triton Script File


Battery 2 Drum Kit File


Korg Trinity/Triton Keymap File


Kinetic Project Template


Kinetic Music Project


Ken Silverman Music File


Logic Pro Project


Lossless Audio File


Logic Pro Project File


Left Audio Channel File


Logic Audio Project


Linguistically Enhanced Sound File


Liquid Audio File


Avaya Voice Player Audio File


Audacity File List


MPEG-4 Audio File


Media Playlist File


PC-98 Game Music File




MPEG-2 Audio File


MP3 Audio File


MixMeister Playlist


DigiTrakker Module


Synthetic Music Mobile Application File


MadTracker 2 Sample File


Compressed MusicXML File


MPEG-4 Audio Book File


Amiga Music Module File


iPhone Ringtone File




UTF-8 M3U Playlist File


Music Maker Arrangement File


MWave DSP Synth Instrument Extract


PC-98 Game Music File


MuseScore Compressed Score File


Trackmania Music File


MixPad Project File


Music Macro Language Project


ModPlug Compressed Module


Finale Notation File


LMMS Project File


Game Boy Advance Song File


MidiCo Karaoke Audio File


Mobile XMF Ringtone File


Finale Notation File


Mixcraft 5 Audio Project


Zune Smooth Streaming File


Multi Tracker File


Mozart Percussion File


Myriad Music File


MultiTracker Module


Nintendo 64 Song File


Matroska Audio File


Myriad Instrument File


iTunes Music Store Audio File


Amiga MED Sound File


MPEG-1 Layer 3 Audio File


Monarch Audio File


MadTracker Instrument


MadTracker 2 Envelope


MadTracker 2 Pattern


MO3 Audio File


MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File


Yamaha MegaVoice File


Musepack Compressed Audio File


Mixcraft 4 Audio Project


Memory Stick Voice File


Mixcraft 3 Audio Project


Mixcraft 5 Audio Project Template


Myriad Packed Musical Score


Nero Audio Compilation


Minecraft Note Block Studio File


KONTAKT Instrument File


Kontakt Monolith Container File


NoteWorthy Composer File


Native Compressed Wave File


Kontakt Audio Bank


Kontakt Multi Instrument File


Kontakt Monolith Container


Napster Secured Music File


Narrator Document


Native Instruments Massive Sound File


Traktor Collection File


Notessimo Composition


Kontakt Library Data File


NOTION Song File


NES Sound Format File


Nokia Ringtone


Nullsoft Streaming Audio File


NoiseTracker Module


Cubase Library File


Creative Labs NVF Audio File


Open Media Framework File


Ogg Vorbis Audio File


OpenMG Audio File


Ogg Vorbis Audio File


Logic Pro Overview File


Superior Drummer Sounds File


Oktalyzer Module


Overture Musical Score


OtsAV Album File


OtsAV Media Library Information File


Sony OpenMG Music File


OverDrive Media File


Opus Audio File


OptimFROG Audio File


Voyetra Digital Orchestrator File


iTunes Podcast File


Portable Sound File


Pro Tools 7 Session File


Audio Playlist


SBStudio II Song File


Pro Tools Session File


Pro Tools Session Template


Akai MPC2000 Program File


Adobe Presenter Audio File


Audition Peak File


PolyTracker Module


Pro Tools Session Template


Gravis UltraSound GF1 Patch File


Steinberg Peak File


Pandora Android App Executable


Pinnacle Sample Bank


PhyMod Physical Modeling Data


Adobe Peak Waveform File


MBROLA Phonetic Data File


Audition Peak File


Finale Playback File


Pro Tools Session


Protracker Studio Module


Perfect Clarity Audio File


Korg Instrument Bank File


PhatNoise Audio File


Sansa Playlist File


PureVoice Audio File


Winamp Equalizer Presets File


Winamp Equalizer Auto-Load Presets File


REX2 Audio File


Reason Song File


Right Audio Channel File


Real Audio Metadata File


Rebirth Song File


Hit'n'Mix Audio Mashup File


Real Music Store Audio File


Reality Adlib Tracker Module


Raw Audio Data


Pro Tools Region Group File


ReCycle Loop File




NXT Brick Audio File


Reason Project File


RealJukebox Format


RealOne Streaming Media File


Real Media Jukebox Audio File


Real Tracker Instrument


Ad Lib Synthesized Instrument


Nokia Composer Ringtone


Reason ReFill Sound Bank


Real Audio File


Real Tracker Sample




Rich Music Format Audio File


TrueRTA Project File


Real Protected Video File


ReCycle 1.x Document


RAM Meta File


Real Tracker Module


GarageBand Records Audio File


SpectraLayers Pro Project


Sibelius Score


SID Audio File


Adobe Audition Session File


Scream Tracker 2 Module


PowerTracks Pro Audio Project File


SpectraLayers Pro Project


Sound File


Scream Tracker Music Interface Kit File


Secure Audio File


Yamaha/Korg Keyboard Style


SimSynth Document


Atari SAP Music File


Nintendo DS Sound File


Nintendo DS Sound Data File


Signed Byte Audio File


SmartMusic Accompaniment File


MP3 Audio Mixer Sound Group Project


Sample MIDI Dump Exchange


Packed SoundFont File


AudioSauna Song File


Sound Clip Archive


SFZ Sample Definition File


Roland Patch File


Soundtrack Pro Audio Project File


8SVX Sound File


Show Cue System Cue File


SNS Video Game Audio File




SmartMusic Performance File


SmartMusic Accompaniment File


Propellerhead Reason NN-XT Patch File


SFX Sample File


Sound Forge Pro Audio Peak File


Synclavier Program File


MIDI Sample Dump Standard File


SoundFont 2 Sound Bank


Sound Designer II File


Shockwave Audio


E-MU SoundFont Sound Bank


Shorten Compressed Audio File


Sound Forge Pro Sound Data File


Audition Session File


MIDI Song File


ESPS Sampled Data File


ScreamTracker 3 Module


MIDI System Exclusive Message


Sample Cell II Instrument Definition


Scream Tracker 3 Instrument


Sound Blaster Instrument


SPPack Sound Sample


Electronic Arts Sound Data File


SampleTank User Preset Data File


SBStudio II Sound File


Standard MIDI File


Yamaha SY99/SY85 Audio File


Synchomatic Instrument


Traktor Content Pack File


PSP Audio File


TuxGuitar Document


True Audio File


TrueSpeech Audio File


Tom's Lossless Audio Kompressor File


Yamaha TX16W Audio File


Akai Teledisk Sound Library


Theta Music Composer 2.x Audio File


Amiga THX Tracker Music File


LEGO Racers Audio File


Final Music System Tracker Module


Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File


Theta Music Composer 1.x Audio File


UTAU Sequence Text File


Nintendo 64 Music File


MikMod UniMOD Module


UltraTracker Wave File


UltraTracker Module


Unreal Audio Package


Unsigned Word Audio File


AU Audio File


Nintendo 64 Song Library


Unsigned Byte Audio File


Raw u-Law Audio File


3D Lemmings Audio File


u-Law Audio File


Grand Theft Auto Audio File


Voyetra Voice File


Dialogic Indexed Voice Audio File


Garmin Voice File


Voxal Project File


MAGIX Samplitude Music Studio Project


VOCALOID3 Project File


VoxPro Wave File


VOCALOID2 Project File


Siemens Voice Memo File


VLC Playlist


Covox Speech Thing Sample


VSampler Soundbank File


Samsung Digital Voice Recorder File


PlayStation Compressed Sound File


Ventrilo Audio Recording


Covox Raw Sample


TwinVQ Audio File


Dialogic Voice Audio File


VTX Chiptune File


Creative Labs Audio File


Video Game Music Compressed File


Karaoke Player Playlist


Yamaha Voice File


V2 Synthesizer Audio File


Olympus Voice Recording


Video Game Music File


VirtualDJ Audio Sample File


WAVE Audio File


Windows Media Audio File


Sony Wave64 Audio File


WaveEditor Project File


Pro Tools Wave Cache File


WavePad Project File


WavPack Correction File


WavPack Audio File


Wwise Project File


Wwise Work Unit


Cakewalk Music Project


Nero Wave Editor File


Grave Composer Music Module


Windows Media Audio Redirect


WaveFront Program File


WaveFront Drum Kit File


WaveFront Sound Bank


WUTG Tagged Audio File


Yamaha SY Series Wave File


WUTG Tag File


WAVE Sound File


Wwise Encoded Media File


WireTap Studio Packaged Track


WireTap Studio Library


WYZTracker File


GarageBand Magic Template


The Sims Audio File


Renoise Song File


Extensible Music File


Extended MIDI File


eRacer Sound File


Expressive Music Container File


Fasttracker 2 Extended Module


XMS-Tracker Music Module


Fastracker 2 Track


XSPF Playlist File


Kodi Smart Playlist File


LMMS Preset File


Braille Music Markup Language File


FastTracker 2 Extended Module


XACT Sound Bank


XACT Wave Bank


Fasttracker 2 Extended Instrument File


Fastracker 2 Pattern


Yookoo Player Playlist File


Atari ST Audio File


Zune Playlist


ZyXEL Voice File


BeatSlicer Groove File


Vielklang Audio Metadata File


SAFA Media Audio File


Zipped Audio Book